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10 Steps For For Improving Self Confidence

Many people are afraid to approach strangers. Follow our tips to enhance your so self-consciousness, and you'll be much easier, courageous and confident to approach your next flirting partner. Read this article to improve your self confidence.

The hero of Chorbat La

During the initial day of Kargil war, an extremely courageous Major of Ladakh Scout established an observation post on the LOC at Chorbat La without artillery support. The establishment of this border post stopped the infiltration along this route. Know the exploits of this gallant Officer, (now) Colonel Sonam Wangchuk, MVC from this article.

Book review: A humane account of battlefields above 16,000 feet

The book provides an accurate and humane details of the activities of the officers and soldiers of Indian Army during Kargil war in 1999. The readers who are interested to know about the war, the book is a must. The author of the book has explained in details about various aspects of this war, The book has been written from first-hand experience during the author's nine-week stint in the battlefield during the war as defence correspondent. The present review has mentioned the salient features of the book.

Biography of Birsa Munda - Indicative of Strength and Courage (1875 – 1900)

Many legendary heroes were born in India during the freedom struggle, one such hero was Birsa Munda. He was a folk hero and a great tribal leader. There are a number of organizations, structures and institutional bodies that are named after him such as Birsa Munda Airport Ranchi, Birsa Agricultural University, Birsa Institute of Technology and many more. Let us now have a glimpse of this great tribal leader.

How to encourage unwilling students to study

This article is about the ways to encourage unwilling,lazy, de-motivated and demoralized students to study with a fresh outlook. Here, there is a record of real-life experience of motivating students from little learners to college-going students to study of their own, coming out of the distraction and aversion towards study.

Names and achievements of US International women of courage awards 2013

America announces the International women of courage awards every year for worldwide women personalities based on the brave and courageous acts they done. This article provides brief information and achievements of the 10 awardees who have selected for the International women of courage award 2013. Go through the article to know about achievements of the courageous women and their fight for the women-rights.

How Domestic Violence Is Encouraged

Domestic violence is heinous who indulges into it and one who is victim are equally responsible for this.Some serious steps should be taken to curb it. Women has to learn to value themselves and should take steps regarding it. Change can be permanent only if we need it. women should stand up against this and raise their voice against it.

Umaji Naik - Leader, Courageous Man and Patriot

The article describes the role of Umaji Naik as a leader, courageous mand and patriot. It gives an insight into the lives of the Ramoshi tribes who migrated from Telangana and settled down in Maharashtra during the Maratha period. Umaji Naik has been described as the Second Shivaji and the article describes how he truly proved to be so.

Ways to encourage children and discover their potential

The parents can encourage and discover the potential of their children by developing positive attitude with them, realizing their duty, accepting them as they are and encouraging them to participate in activities and perform entertainment. You must believe in your child if you wish that they should become successful.

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