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How to avail input VAT credit?

Here in this article, I have given detail explanation about Gujarat VAT input credit. What is input credit? How to avail credit? How to adjust the same against VAT payment liability? All these information is given regarding input credit under this act.

Tips and ways to Avoid Credit Card Fraud

Carrying credit card is always safer than carrying heavy cash with you everywhere. Credit card fraud, the modern theft takes place in many different ways. There are some safety measures which prevent it from happening. Incorporating a few tips and practices into your daily money handling can help to keep your Credit Card safe. Here are some easy ways and tips to avoid credit card fraud.

Make smart use of your credit – debit cards

The smart use of plastic money begins from keeping it safe and secured. Share with nobody the details of your cards. Do never ever tell anybody your PIN number, The CVV number ("Card Verification Value") or any other detail. Cards are a powerful mode of payment. If you are efficient in its use, you could derive full advantage from it; otherwise, you might emerge sadder too.

Complete information about Credit Cards

Are you planning to apply for a credit card? Are you wondering on how to deal with your credit card? This article mainly dealing with credit cards (individuals) will help you out from these situations.

Complications over credit policy: Ideological differences between govt. and RBI

The theoretical differences between the RBI and govt. concerning the treatment to be meted out to slowdown has plunged the share market into the state of perpetual uncertainty. The fresh monetary policy has once again proved that Reserve Bank has not come out of the fright of inflation. It does not see any chance of recovery of growth in the prescriptions suggested by the government. This article forecasts the day ahead for the share market is going to be full of complications.

Merits and Demerits of higher education credit system which is to be implemented next year

Earlier it was tried by many institutions to adopt flexible credit system in order to add value to Under graduation and Post graduation students but many of them were unsuccessful in implementing it, but now decision has been taken that credit system will be coming into live from next academic year, as many people are not aware of the credit system I am here to give information about the credit system.

How Credit Card works ?

This article tells about credit card life cycle in a simple way and the main parties and their benefits involved in the system. If you use credit card wisely can roll the money for 45 days, but have to keep an eye on due dates and amount of credit card.

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