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Vidyanidhi scheme: a unique education loan from South Indian Bank

South Indian Bank offers a unique scheme by which students taking admission in academic institutions of Kerala are granted loan upto Rs. 1 lakh to enable them to pay 'refundable deposits' demanded by the educational institutions. The article discusses the details of the scheme named Vidyanidhi scheme.

Educational loan at low interest from KSBCDC

Are you looking for loan at low interest. KSBCDC is giving educational Loan at 4% interest in Kerala. KSBCDC is giving self-employment loan, agricultural loan and personal loan at low interest. I have mentioned how to apply and the document to be submitted to get the loan.

Information on educational loans

Every student wants to get good studies. For some students this is an easy procedure as their parents are rich. But unfortunately there are students who are not able to study from reputed organizations because of the lack of money. But there is no need to be depressed as many banks are offering educational loans on certain terms and condition. In this article I will mention about how once can procure an educational loan.

How to get rebate for educational loans?

A great extent of Indian students chooses professional and technical courses after +2. The banks provide educational loans to pursue their studies. This article introduces the special government scheme for giving rebate on educational loans for students. It also deals with the eligibility,basic formalities, conditions and interest of educational loans. The article also advice you to avoid the misuse of educational loans Read on.

Education loan in India - all information at one place with sample covering letter

There are so many students in India who are deserving and meritorious and want to pursue higher studies but due to lack of funds they don’t get chance to join the course they dream. The option of education loan has been provided by both public and private sector banks under RBI guidelines as financial assistance to the aspiring students. But there is a lack of awareness about this scheme, its merits and demerits. Through this write up let me share few points and information about educational loans.

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