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Watch Live! Webcast of GST Ki Master Class online to learn GST registration

Totally confused about the GST application process? Tune into GST Ki Master Class, an online live telecast explaining various aspects of GST, including registration and migration, transition and invoice making, composition and record keeping. The complete schedule with dates and times of the online class has been provided in this article.

All you need to know about GST

As we all know, GST has substituted all indirect taxes in India into a single comprehensive tax system. In this article we will understand the detailed meaning, structure and impact of GST on the economy and general public.

How to enroll for GST Portal

Are you in a business or in service? How you heard about Goods and Services tax (GST) registration and enrollment? If not, please read the complete article to understand about GST and its enrollment.

Youngster’s pocket money: How best to manage this

Should youngsters receive Any Pocket Money? This requires a debate. There are certainly a few ways of looking at this issue. This article discusses all the angles of the issue of children’s pocket money quandary.

How the youngster’s pocket money could be best managed?

Every group lives life according to its capacities. Its expenses, needs and hobbies depend on its income. Every guardian wants his wards should get all the happiness and amenities of world. To meet these happiness and facilities of their children, parents give them certain amount of money at frequent intervals. This is what we call pocket money. This article delves deeper into how to balance the pocket money in the best possible manner.

What is GST or Goods and service tax

Here in this article you will know about GST, its implementation process and benefits of it. You will also come to know, what if it is not implemented now. What are the present tax system and how this GST will eradicate those indirect taxation system.

The Psychology Of Jealousy Amongst Brothers

Financial inequality or competition gives birth to jealousy between brothers. But how far is it fatal explains this present commentary. Jealousy crops up its ugly hydra heads when someone else has something we don’t have. It is a mixture of love, hate, anger, animosity, aggravation, disappointment, frustration etc. Please read on to know more!

Is cheap lyrics in music and item numbers affecting children and youngsters?

There was a time when songs were composed with such a beautiful and well measured words that they contributed equally to the music in the success of a song. If you still listen to a song like that today, you would love to listen again. But nowadays recognition through cheap publicity has affected the lyricists as well.In the whole process, the society is getting affected. My question is why are we following the west blindly in such a way that it is affecting our rich culture?

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