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How to lead a healthy and happy life

A healthy life is the best life you can have. All of us want to lead a healthy life and when there is health, there comes happiness. But as soon we think of health we start to ponder what we can do to make ourselves healthy. Health means mental physical and spiritual health combined in one. ‘Health is precious’.

Outlook on life - a reality

The entire outlook on life is best centered for attainment of desire less peace of mind, striving through many errors towards Perfection is the ultimate goal of self. But Desire in young age is as important as Desire-less in old age for economic, scientific & technical progress and one's own uplift.

Hand Shake - its meaning and health benefits

We usually wish for healthy life which concurrently results to longer life. For this, we need not take risk or spend hours together on exercises or other techniques. Just a sigh of courtesy of a handshake showers great health benefits to man.

Five simple rules for happy and healthy life

According to generation our life style has also changed. In this running life style we have become habitual of unhealthy food and irregular daily routine. Most of our time is spends in office or in front of computer or T.V. Lack of exercise and busy life style made our body unhealthy. The life is full with tension and stress. In this article I am telling five simple rules for happy and healthy life.

Requirement Of Fitness Equipments For A Healthy Life

Nowadays overweight and obesity is an important problem for people. It is seen as a disease. The people become ready to take medicines and also apply oils. Instead in this situation the people should do work out.

Ecologically Friendly Basics That Lead To A Healthy Lifestyle

Laying foundation to have sustenance being the keystone for quality livelihood, some basics for a style need to be complied. From my perspective, I sort out few things that are ideal to establish a foundation for optimal health and about bicycling as a wonderful means of exercising that promotes healthy living and makes environment clean as well in this piece of write-up.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle is all what is wanted. This resource will give you the tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

Acupuncture Therapy for a healthy life

Acupuncture Therapy is an ancient method of treatment from China and is being well accepted all around the world because of its effectiveness with almost all type of treatment. Read about Acupuncture Therapy for a healthy life.

Healthy heart = Healthy life

Hot News: Sharp pain shoots through arms and back of Dharani*!! She immediately gets a electrocardiogram test done. The test doesn't show anything wrong. Doctor Bharani* says, "Nothing to worry. Its just Hyper acidity". Dharani* passes away the next morning!! Wondering what this has got to do in this topic? Read the following article to know more!!!!!!

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