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Three great scientists who revolutionized modern medical science

Many scientists and physicians worked and have been working relentlessly for the progress of medical science. Due to the tireless contributions of these scientists, present medical science has become very advanced. In this article, the contributions of three such eminent scientists have been discussed.

Path-breaking research in the field of medical science

Medical science has been progressing by leaps and bounds improving the life expectancy and quality of life. In this article, the contribution of three machines in medical diagnosis and treatment has been discussed. It also discusses kidney transplant.

Amazing medicinal values of brinjal (egg plant)

Brinjal ('baigan' in Hindi) is a common vegetable in India. But this common and afforable vegetable is rich in iodine, potassium, fibre and various anti-oxidants and phytonutrients. Brinjal has high medicinal values due to the resence of these chemicals. This article discusses the medicinal values of brinjal.

Medicinal values of guava and guava leaves

Guava is a common fruit easily available all over India. But the presence of vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, calcium, potassium, folatee and fibre has made it a 'wonder fruit'. The guava leaves also possess medicinal values. This article discusses the medicinal values of guava and guava leaves.

Amazing medicinal values of asafoetida or hing

Asafoetida is well-known in Indian households. It is used in various vegetables and dals for its taste and flavour. But it also has amazing medicinal values. This article discusses nine amazing health benefits of asafoetida.

Seven amazing medicinal values of lady's finger ('bhindi')

Lady's finger ('bhindi'/'okra') is available almost everywhere in India. It is full of vitamin C, vitamin B9, fibres and other anti-oxidants. Moreover, it has low calorie content. This cheap vegetable has amazing medicinal values. This article discusses seven health benefits of lady's finger in details.

Medicinal values of bottle gourd or lauki

Bottle gourd or 'lauki' does not require any introduction to Indians. This cheap vegetable is regularly present in the kitchens of the Indians. However, it must be told that bottle gourd and its juice have some remarkable medicinal properties. This article discusses the medicinal values of bottle gourd in details.

4 simple steps to improve heart health

Here are 4 simple things you need to do to conquer the major threats to your heart. This is not a crash diet plan - it is instead a recommendation to a way of life through gradual changes that will bring in positive results.

How to get up early in the morning

Most of us getting habituated of hitting the snooze button ten times to will yourself out of bed. If you are committed to getting up with right mindset, then follow these simple steps and you will never have to stop the snooze button again.

Best tips on how to live a long aged healthy life

In this article, I am giving you certain important tips which will be helpful to you for living a long aged healthy life, though it really tough in these days to live a long age life. Still by following these medical tips one can live a long and happy life without any fear.

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