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How to get prepared and give an interview

This article contains all the information on how one should prepare for interview. All the information that one should know before giving an interview is briefly explained. Such as, what type of dresses to wear and what type of dresses not to wear, what are the most important papers or documents that one should carry with him/her to an interview, how to behave during an interview.

How to answer the interview question: What is your biggest weakness?

What is your biggest weakness is a question often asked at interviews. It is no doubt a tricky question because you are asked to divulge your shortcomings to total strangers. Answer this question with tact and you will widen your prospects of landing the job. Learn how to turn your weakness into your strengths and ace the interview.

A 10-step guide to prepare for a successful job interview

Having passed the written test and GD, you might be wondering whether you would be able to finally crack the interview. Then a question arises, ‘how prepared are you to face the interview per se?’. In my previous article ‘best tips to face the interviewer’, we have discussed what an employer expects from a prospective candidate at the time of interview. Let’s therefore, discuss in this article ‘how a candidate must get ready for the final day to successfully face a job interview.

How To Face Your First Interview

Interview is one kind of exam. Every person has a fear when he/she is facing his/her first interview. This is very common problem face by every one when facing your first interview. Here I am telling some tips to follow when facing first interview

How to answer typical job interview questions

Employers generally ask the same set of questions of young graduates, seeking a job. The questions are designed to gauge the strengths of candidates. Remember, everyone, interviewing for a position will have the same qualification. Only those who meet other standards expected by the company get appointed. Don't mess up your interview, Use this guide to answer interview question and ace it.

Interview tips for fresher

Every fresher who has just passed out of the college will have so many questions regarding the interview and job. They will have so much of confusions, doubts and often feel getting a job is a difficult task. This article will help freshers on few interview tips that needs to be followed.

How to handle eight typical interview questions

During an interview, a candidate is asked questions of general nature and questions relating to subject and the job. The present article discusses eight questions of general nature which are frequently asked during interviews. The aim is to help the candidates prepare these questions beforehand.

VistaMind GD Interview Tips

Each day will try and explain how to tackle common Qs asked in Bschool interviews. Please feel free to share with any fellow aspirant.

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Quality Assurance Interview tips

Going to attend interview for a software quality assurance job in IT sector? Read our experts' tips on it. Also know about any doubts related to SQA.
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