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TCS Placement Experience

This article describes my TCS placement. It contains all the TCS placement format right from TCS aptitude till TCS interview.

Accenture Placement Experience

This article is my experience during the recruitment process of Accenture. After a marathon wait of almost 13 hours, I finally fot placed in this company.

My Friend's Interview at TCS

This article is about the interview which my friend gave at Tata consultancy services TCS. Read to know which questions were asked to him and how he answered them.

Infosys Placement Experience

I am placed in Infosys. I would like to share my experience at the time of infosys placement. This article is a summary of the infosys placement process.

Appearance in interview

Dressing style is one of the most powerful equipment for the battle of interview. It provides the half of expression to the interviewer.
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