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A Trip To Jammu: The City Of The Dogra’s Culture

Jammu is situated in the lower Himalayan mountains range and at a height of 1000 feet above the sea level. It is also called the entrance gate to Jammu & Kashmir. This city was built by the king Jambulochan along the banks of the River ‘Tavi’ and it was then called Jamboopura which later on came to be known as Jammu. The place is replete with beauty spots worth seeing. Let’s visit this city through this essay.

Jammu - a place of worshippers and tourists

Jammu-Kashmir is called the winter capital of India. This is also the abode of temples. This is the pivot to all types of devotees and tourists thronging from across the entire world. This travelogue traverse through various places of tourist’s as well as devotee’s importance. Please have the full details of places to visit when you would plan your visit to Jammu any time round in future.
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