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Chicken Briyani Recipe

This article describes in detail recipe for Chicken Biryani, an incredible dish from Incredible India.

Sick room recipes

We should be careful about many things when we are sick for which we should be aware of some basic facts. Here I include some of the sick-room recipes like albumin water, arrowroot, bael drink, barley water, beef tea, blanc-mange, bread jelly, broth, cocoa, corn flour blanc mange, curds and whey, baked custard pudding, egg-flip, imperial drink, oatmeal drink, water gruel and white wine whey. Let us see how they are made.

Brinjal Chutney Recipe

This article describes about the Brinjal Chutney. Check this article to know about the ingredients and the method of preparation of Brinjal Chutney.

Best Coconut Modak Recipe

Coconut Modak is the favorite of Lord Ganesha. When you give the coconut modak to Ganesha then you can get what you want and you can make your wish because you are giving the favorite food to Lord Ganesha.

Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipe

Chocolate Biscuit Cake is one of my favorite recipes,as it is very easy to prepare,and is made in just a few minutes. Also it requires the ingredients like chocolate,sugar,biscuits,coffee, which we use in our daily routine.So, let us have a look on the ingredients and its preparation.

Quick and simple Almond soup recipe

This article describes recipe about preparing Almond soup. Read this article to know about the ingredients required to prepare Almond Soup and also to know the procedure of preparation of Almond Soup.

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Sweet recipes with poha

Interested in some sweet recipes? Searching for any recipe for making sweet delicacy with poha? On this Ask Expert page you can get answers to all your query.

Best 15 to 30 min easy recipes

Looking for easy to make fast cooking recipes? Get a wide variety of such recipes for all types of meals from our expert cooks!

Lunch box recipe ideas for kids

Want to make a variety of homemade snacks for your kid's school lunch box? Interesting suggestions on a variety of food items are provided here specifically for a kid's lunch box.
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