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Tiffin recipes of millets for energy

Generally we use rice and wheat as main food and even for making Tiffin items. But our elders in villages used the Millets in the form of Porridge. Later without knowing the capacity of gluten-free, nutritional value of millets, they have been considered as villagers' food and neglected by many. Nowadays the usage of Millets is increasing as its awareness is increasing and thereby the availability also very feasible in all stores.

Yummy and Tasty Egg Recipes

Egg is a common food source which is rich in protein. These proteins within eggs helps keep muscles working. The Eggs are a easily available all over the country. They can be readily added in healthy meals such as sandwiches and salads, but can also be used to make meals of themselves. In such a way, here I have detailed about the preparation of egg soup, which is a healthier one followed by the Tasty Egg Pulav which can be served later.

Mushroom Special Recipes

Here I am sharing 4 different yummy mushroom recipes. They are mushroom pulav, mushroom noodles, kadai mushroom and mushroom masala. They are easy to prepare and also takes less time. All the recipes are prepared within 30 minutes. These recipes are best for starters in cooking.

Recipes- Makar Sankranti and Lohri special

Makar Sankranti and Lohri are main festivals for Indian. It is celebrated in different ways all over the India. In north India, Punjabis celebrate it as Lohri, Uttarayan in Guajarat and Makar Sankaranti in other parts of India. When question comes to celebrate, we love to have special dishes. If you are looking for some special recipes for this festival, then you are at right place.

Recipes of Thiruvadhirai/Thiruvadhira from TN and Kerala

For the occasion of Thiruvadhirai/Thiruvadhira, unique recipes are made in Tamil Nadu as well as Kerala. This article is a combination of two being almost similar one with dessert and another with combination of vegetables. To know the preparation, please read on.

2 Healthy Recipes With Carrots For Good Health

A good way to have your daily dose of fruits and vegetables is to juice them. Freshly juiced fruits and veggies are a powerhouse of nutrients that get easily absorbed in the body. Here are 2 recipes that taste good and give your a healthy supply of nutrients.

Let us celebrate festivals with fruit recipes.

This article has come with the recipes for those who are interested to celebrate festivals with their own recipes and these recipes are mostly for instant preparation and mainly focused on recipes which may use fruits to give special festive mood in both sweets as well as savouries.

Recipes of Two Sweets using Bread

Do you like to eat sweets? Do you like to prepare sweets by yourself? If yes, here you have the recipe to make a special halwa and a special gulab jamun. All of you may have heard of halwas made of various ingredients like grain flour, sunflower seeds, various nuts, beans, lentils, carrots, pumpkins etc. But, do you know that halwas can be made of bread? Similarly using bread, we can also make gulab jamun. Here is the recipe to prepare a special bread halwa and a special bread gulab jamun.

Special Diwali sweets to cook at home- recipes

Learn how to prepare different sweets specially for the occasion of Diwali. Read the ingredients and preparation method for these sweet Diwali delights and enjoy the festival of lights with sweets to lighten up your mood.

Best delicious recipes for papaw or papaya

We all know how beneficent a papaw or papaya is for our skin, liver, etc. Even after being cooked as a vegetable its efficacy is not wasted. Accordingly, I shall furnish here two tasty preparations of papaya coda and papaya chutney which will help you not only to keep your diet healthy, but will satiate your tongue too.

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