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Power generation from speed breakers final year projects give opportunity to students to do some breakthrough work. Increasing demand of energy adds need of identifying non conventional resources of energy. In this article I will explain about Power generation from speed breaker and all the possible mechanism required for it.

Project details on Employee perception with a questionnaire with reference to Hospital Industry

I have made an article with the questionnaire that would help the management students to get an idea on the project both summer and main project. I have used the topic employee perception to discuss the project and I feel the Questionnaire will provide a basic information on how to prepare a questionnaire and what tools may be used to elaborate the study on a particular aspect.

Java Project Applet To Display Bouncing Ball

This is a small program which shows the creation of an applet displaying bouncing ball. We can use this small programs in creation of animation programs or creation of web pages. We can also view applets by chaging the parameters of the codes.
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