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Tourism: A Trip To Gujarat-Where The Joy Of ‘Dandiya’ And ‘Garba’ Reigns Supreme

The bliss of ‘Dandia and ‘Garba’, kite flying, and the romantic air wafting in Gujarat attract the tourists from across India in great number. The garish coloured attires of people with glittering mirror works stitched all over it, the great Run of Kutch, the foaming tides of seas, the dense forests of Gir, the olden temples telling the sagas of its rich past win over the hearts of the visiting tourists to the fullest. Let’s travel around places in Gujarat through this article.

Leh Ladakh - The Crown of India

Leh Ladakh is the perfect place for tourist especially in summers. It os situated in Jammu and Kashmir above 3000 meters of height from sea level.

Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar is a city with exquisite panoramic locations and natural beauty. The landscapes are breathtaking and wonderful in this city. Tourists from all over the world throng to this amazing city not only during summers but also in the winters when the snow capped mountains adds to the mesmerising beauty of this place.

How to plan a trip to major tourist/pilgrim spots in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, one of the most developed States of India has plenty to offer by means of very good temples, beaches, tourist paradises, and more. What many tourists lack is the inside knowledge of how to travel comfortably within the State and save time and money, and yet enjoy the trip. This article is an attempt in this direction.

Some lesser-known historical monuments of Delhi

Delhi, a historical city, frequented by tourists from India and abroad, present many well-known and little-known tourist spots. This article mentions some little-known historical monuments of the city for the benefit of the tourists interested in history.

Old age charms of old havelis of Delhi

Although Delhi has many well-known tourist spots, there are some which are not frequented by the visitors. In the present article, the author describes some old havelis of Delhi which take the visitors back to the grandeur of Mughal era and British period. Read to know more.

Tourist spots in India during monsoon season

Monsoon in India said to occur from June to September every year. Monsoon have widespread impact on country's agriculture, economy and tourism. In this article focus is paid on which places in India appears to be on top of priority list of travelling during monsoon season.

Tourist Attraction : Best tourist spots in and around Shillong - Scotland of the east

The following article brings out the scenic beauty of Shillong and nearby tourist attractions. Better known as the "Scotland of the East" this beautiful hill station captures the hearts of everyone who has been there at least once. One should feel elated and happy of being to such a beautiful hill station with its rich culture and beautiful landscapes.

Romantic tourist spots for honeymoon in India

Honeymoon period is the most memorable period through out the life. India is full of various romantic destinations where new married couples could spend their memorable time in each other’s arms. This article is having a detail about some of various unexplored destinations for honeymoon.

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