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Sale of Water - Can we Justify it?

There has been hardly any doubt about drinking water sharing same slots in importance as food and shelter. Since water forms the very basis for sustaining life, making it accessible at a cost becomes a contentious issue.The question is a tough one as it put economics against human rights. Should water be allowed to become a commodity and be traded? Should water supply be allowed to be privatized?

Water sample analysis

Water sample is analysed for three different physical , chemical and biological the test sample with the standard limit.

My Experience with Water Therapy

Health is our precious possession.To hold on to it is our greatest necessity.To maintain it is our most vital need.And when illness comes,when non - health appears, it is our inalienable right to have a method at our command to correct the problems as they occur.It is through Natural Healing with water theraphy, a method that can change the very course of our life as it did mine.It is a method as old as the hills to me, and yet as new as the moon each surging moment of mind and body, crying out for life.

Water - Lifeline for Living Organisms

Water is the life-line for all living organisms on earth as it is an essential constituent of all living beings. All living organism have their metabolism, which necessarily depends on the physical as well as chemical properties of water.Water also forms the habitat for innumerous organisms on earth.

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