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Bachelor of Developer Information Technology

Are you interested in software development? Are you keen in joining the IT industry as a software programmer? Then, why not pursue a Bachelor's course that is specifically designed for software developers? Please go through the details of Bachelor of Developer Information Technology, to help you in your programming career.

Course Name: Bachelor of Developer Information Technology
Stream: Engineering
Course Category: General
Duration: 3 years


Software development is the core element of the IT industry. If you want to be a part of the IT industry, then you need to be a good programmer or an efficient software developer. This Bachelor's course on Developer Information Technology helps you learn the various aspects of software development, including understanding the requirements of a software, understanding the target users of a software, and developing the final copy of a software. In these three years you will go through the stages of the software development and at the end you will develop a prototype software on your own to complete imbibe the software development technology.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Before applying here, the candidates should complete either higher secondary or its equivalent any government approved course.
  2. The stream of higher secondary should be science, with Mathematics and Physics as two of the core subjects.
  3. Students should pass their plus twos with minimum 60% marks.

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Higher studies

  1. After completing this course you can pursue M.Sc. in Information Technology. This is an advanced level course, which stresses more upon the theoretical aspects of information technology. You will learn more about the embedded technologies and the software related to it. You will also learn about ad hoc and mobile technologies and the software making them function properly. To be eligible for this course you will have to clear the entrance examination held by the respective universities.
  2. You can also think of studying a one year advanced diploma course in embedded systems. This advanced diploma course stresses upon the processor architecture of various modern electronic chips. You will also learn about developing the software to run such embedded systems. The basic eligibility criterion of this course is completion of an undergraduate course with specialization in either engineering sciences or electronics.

Future Job Scenario

  1. At the very beginning you will be joining as a junior software programmer. After 5 years, you will be promoted as the senior software developer.
  • You can also opt for the position of an IT executive after a prolonged experience as a software developer.
  • If you complete a B.Ed. degree after this bachelor's course, then you can apply for teaching positions in schools. You will have to teach various programming languages at the school level. If you complete M.Sc. in Information Technology, then you can apply for teaching positions in colleges for the subject of Information Technology.
  • After around 10-15 years of experience you can become project managers in IT companies.

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