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Diploma Actuary

Want to be a data analyst and eventually a data scientist? If you are a good student in Economics and Statistics, then you can hone up your skills with a course that is a brilliant combination of these 2 and much more. The name of this course is Diploma Actuary.

Course Name: Diploma Actuary
Stream: Engineering
Course Category: General
Duration: 2 years


Data science is a collaborative science of which actuary science is a huge part. So those who wish to be data scientist, a diploma in actuary or actuary science is an apt and fruitful. To make the most of this course, you would require a prior knowledge in Mathematics and Statistics. People who are good at calculus will be in an advantageous position while pursuing this course. This course emphasizes on the various new statistical methods and its multivariate format of data analysis. Such techniques are used in research organizations abroad for data analysis. So you can make a good career in abroad countries.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be a part of this course, you must complete your higher secondary first. You can also complete any government approved diploma course which is held equivalent to higher secondary.
  • Although there is no restriction regarding the marks, but students should pass out from science stream.

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Higher Studies

  1. Candidates should complete their graduation after this course. Since actuary science includes Mathematics and Statistics in the majority of its curriculum, it would be a wise career decision to study B.Sc. honors in Mathematics or B. Stat, that is, Bachelor of Statistics. To enroll into any of these undergraduate courses, you would have to clear the entrance examination meant for this course.
  2. After you pass graduation, you can apply to diploma on software based analysis. This is an advanced diploma course, which helps you learn the various digital software meant for statistical data computation. Students who want to be data scientist, and are pursuing diploma in actuary science, for analyzing huge amounts of data, would find this diploma course very useful. This advanced diploma course will help them apply for data scientist jobs abroad.

Job prospects

  1. You can join as an intern in the marketing department of a corporate hub. You will be dealing with their production, packaging and marketing strategies.
  2. You will become a market analyst after a few years, where you will study the recent market trends, collect the data, analyze them and prepare a comprehensible report on it.
  3. You can become data consultants in a company or research organization.
  4. You can join an insurance company and become their policy analysts.Your job will be to analyze the data available on stocks and marketing trends and make investment policies accordingly.
  5. With a few years of experience in product management, you can become a risk assessment manager or marketing and sales manager in a company.

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