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Certification Jainology

Are you much inspired by the Jain way of life? Will like to take up Jainology for your undergraduate studies? Want to learn about Jain philosophy, art and literature and the role of the Jain community in different fields? Learn here about the Certificate course in Jainology.

Course Name: Certification Jainology
Stream: Science
Course Category: Humanities
Duration: 1 Year


Jainism, also known as Jain Dharma is one of the ancient religions in India. The main philosophy of the Jain religion is to abstain from all kinds of non-violence and showing respect to every living being. The 3 main pillars on which Jainism has been founded are non-violence, non-absolutism and non-possessiveness. Jainology is the field of study about Jainism that helps in acquainting the world with the Jain faith. The course helps in creating awareness about various aspects of Jainism like its history, art, literature, philosophy, culture and practices such as vegetarianism observed in the Jain faith. It also delves on issues like respect for nature and for every living being. These are very relevant today considering that hatred and violence are more the norms these days. As far as nature is concerned, we have degraded it badly.

Eligibility and course duration

Pass in 10+2 or a equivalent qualification from a recognized board. Duration of the course is 1 year.

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More about the course

The field of Jainology seeks to propagate the values and principles fundamental to Jainism. It strives to spread compassion and non-violence central to Jain faith. It also provides opportunities to promote inter-faith relations by having a better understanding of the Jain faith and what it stands for. The course provides for studying the faith at university level and opportunities for pursuing scholarly research on the subject. It also provides for a common ground to persons from different faiths and understanding the philosophies of Jainism. Among various things you will get introduced to the life and works of Tirthankara and Acharya Paramparas. You will be getting acquainted with Jain darshan. You will get aware of the art, architecture and the Jain inscriptions. Other than that you will come to know of the role of Jain communities in various fields, over the years and in the present era. You get to learn of the 5 vows of every Jain monk and nun. These are not lying, not stealing, non-violence, chastity and non-attachment.

Jobs and opportunities

The field of Jainology opens up for careers in research or scholarly work. You get to do research in various branches of Jainology. There are also options for graduate and postgraduate studies in the field of Jainology. Few such courses are B.A. Jainology and M.A. Jainology. Those with suitable qualifications and having done some research can apply for position in colleges and universities as lecturers

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