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M.Phil Human Development

Master of Philosophy in Human Development

Endeavouring to undertake a research program in human development? Looking forward towards a career in human resource or organizational development? Want to dig deep into terms like human development index and work towards social justice and economic growth for all? Learn here the details of the course M.Phil Human Development.

Course Name: M.Phil Human Development
Stream: Science
Course Category: Humanities
Duration: 2 years


By human development we understand the progress that we as a society or a nation have been able to do in enlarging people’s choices. By enabling them to lead a healthy life, a life with higher standard of living and the right to be educated. It also means exercising our democratic credentials as per our own choice, guaranteeing human rights and leading a life with self-respect. Any society or nation that’s able to ensure such basic rights for its citizens is having a human development index reasonably high. It’s development in the real sense. An M.Phil course in human development thus acquaints you with the concepts of human development index so as to enable you to work in this direction.

Eligibility and course duration

Postgraduate degree in education, human resource development or related fields. Selections are based on entrance tests and interview. Duration of the course is 2 years.

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More about human development

The concept of human development is a recent one when it was propounded by some leading economists of the world including Nobel laureate Amartya Sen. It seeks to improve the living condition of people, especially the underprivileged. For human development index to be raised, people should have choices to lead their life and the freedom to do or be in life. The M.Phil course thus introduces you to an advanced understanding of the concepts associated with human development issues. You get to understand that it’s capabilities that gives you the choices and the freedom to do as per our likes. By building capability we can empower the underprivileged and thus enable growth. To build capability, one should lead a long and healthy life, get educated and have access to resources and social services.

Job opportunities

After M.Phil you can move on to a PhD program expanding your knowledge and expertise. Those not much eager about research can land up in sectors that recruit professionals specialized in human development. There are a number of government jobs in this respect, especially in human resource development, education sector, community development programmes and other projects involving improvement of the community. The private sector too offers many jobs in its HR departments, recruiting and training of personnel, etc. Many venture into NGOs, the business sector, media, financial institutions, consulting firms and in international organizations like the United Nations, which runs many programmes on human development across the world.

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