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Senior Diploma in Russian

Do you have a junior diploma in Russian? Eager to learn more about a language spoken by the world’s largest country? Learn here the details of the program Senior Diploma in Russian and the value it adds to your existing qualification.

Course Name: Senior Diploma in Russian
Stream: Journalism, Media & Communication
Course Category: Languages
Duration: 4 months


Russian is not only spoken by the Russians, but also by many in the neighbouring countries surrounding Russia that were part of the erstwhile Soviet Union. The Russian language is thus very important when it comes to doing business with Russia or its neighbours. These days Russians are opening up to the world economy and also permitting their universities to absorb more of foreign students. Since the education there is completely in Russian it will do a world of good to you if you are already familiar with the language. Since ages, Russia is an important business partner of India and a lot many technological transfers continue to take place between the 2 countries. Most of that literature is often in Russian and it will be beneficial if we are proficient in the language.

Eligibility and course duration

Undergone junior diploma in Russian or have taken it as a 2nd language at graduate level. Duration of the course is 4 months.

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More about the course

As is mentioned above, learning Russian has its own advantage. It’s not only in science and technology that the Russians are famous for, Russian language is also known for its rich history and cultural heritage in the field of art as well as literature. Russia had its own share of very famous writers who wrote their classics in Russian. To get the real feel of all those literary classics one needs to know the language. Apart from that there is a rich heritage of ballet, cinema, theatre, music; all that can be understood and enjoyed only when we are familiar with the language. The senior diploma program thus brings you closer to the language and deepens your understanding of Russian literature and arts.

Prospects and opportunities

Lot of advantages are to be gained by learning Russian. Engineering and medical education in Russia and the East European countries are quite cheap. Knowing the language is a passport to those cheap but quality education. There is immense scope in the technology sector too, as lot many technological transfers takes place between us and them. You can be employed as an interpreter or a translator by such technological firms for translating those scripts. You can act as an interpreter for Russian firms doing business in the country. Knowledge of Russian helps if you have business interest in Russia or its neighbourhood. Doing an advanced learning program in Russian is what you could look up to.

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