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Certification Draughtman

Do you have interest in drawing or designing machinery? Do you aspire to become a draughtman? Then choose the Certification Draughtman course that is suitable for you? Know the course details, eligibility criteria and the job prospects. Know the list of colleges and universities that offers this course in India.

Course Name: Certification Draughtman
Stream: Engineering
Course Category: General
Duration: 1year

Certification Draughtman

A professional draughtman is a person who creates detailed technical drawings or plans for infrastructure, machinery, building structures, and architectural designs. The draftsman translates manual sketches into plans, layouts and designs. They develop the designs for engineer and architects for technical drawings. The architectural drafting includes constructions, graphics, structural drafting, mechanical drafting includes industrial and mechanical designs, technical and engineering graphics. Drafting in design technology covers drafting fundamentals, auto cad, advanced computer aided drafting

Eligibility Criteria

Students should have completed Class 10 from a recognized state board. The student should have interest in designing and should possess problem solving skills. The student should have good writing skills and visualizing ability to view two/three dimensional objects. They should have stamina to stand and work for long hours. They should possess good vision and should have eye for details. Should possess concentration power and be able to translate ideas into blueprints.

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Certification Draughtman - Colleges & Admission Notifications

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Acharya Iti CollegeBangalore UniversityKarnataka

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Certification Draughtsman

Additional Description of the Course

Draughtsman works with professionals from various fields. They translate ideas into visual representations. They prepare the visual blueprints and may specialize in electronic, mechanical and architectural fields. The course enables students to develop skills in precise calculations using software’s. The program trains them to determine the elements and use their technical knowledge for detailing the structural designs. Emphasis is laid on electrical, mechanical or architectural drafting. The intensive course provides hands on experience. Tools used by draughtsman are technical handbooks, tables, calculations and computers. Using the rough sketches and drawings prepared by engineers, architects or surveyors, draughtsmen fill in the technical details, procedures and specify the dimensions.

The course provides study for varied applications. The topics covered are principles of AC and DC circuits, constructions drawing, and electrical systems in buildings, designs in electrical and electronic graphics. Students equip with CAD system to produce technical drawings at a quicker pace. Using CAD the technical drawings are stored electronically by draughtsman for printed and programming. These programs are integrated into automated manufacturing systems. The structural buildings/machinery models are planned as per visual guidelines provided by draughtsman drawings. The course provides strong foundation in technical and computer skills for students to become efficient professional in the relevant areas.

Job Prospects

The qualified draughtsman find jobs in manufacturing companies, offices, construction sectors, mining industry, metal and machinery sectors, engineering firms, private and public sectors. The draughtsman works in office settings seated at adjustable drawing boards when working on drafts.

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