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MS Greek

Are you interested in learning foreign language? Are you planning to study abroad in Europe? Do you want to learn Greek language? Then choose the course MS-Greek to communicate with people. Learn the course details, content study and the job prospects. Know the list of colleges and universities that offers this course in India.

Course Name: MS Greek
Stream: Engineering
Course Category: General
Duration: 2 Years

Course Description of MS-Greek

Learning a new language can be fun, exciting and it gives an added value to one's qualification. Greek is an ancient language spoken in Greece. Speaking in Greece is invaluable to the individual when he/she goes abroad. The program MS in Greek is designed for students to acquire command and excellent language skills in Greek in written and oral communication. The program provides the students with language skills of every day usage. It also focuses on imparting knowledge on the rich culture and heritage of Greece. The course prepares them to equip with fluency in Greek language for easy interactive communication. The post graduate program provides scope for students to explore various methods of learning the language.

Course Content of MS Greek

The study course covers the literature, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, grammatical rules, cases, translations, comparative degree, adjectives, adverbs, simple imperative, and conjugation, simple tenses- past present, future, adverbs, dialogues, and conversations.

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Additional Description of MS Greek

The course imparts knowledge of Greek history, literature, archaeology and about ancient Rome. The program is designed for students to gain strong foundation in oral and written communication skills. Training provides them with skills to appreciate the Greek language. The program exposes them to holistic understanding of the language . They would be provided ample opportunities to excel in speaking abilities by enabling them to describe the cities, music, dances, culture, heritage, people nature and material objects. The program enables them to develop their own sentences in Greek language and use it in daily life. Handouts and guides are provided for students to learn and practice. Dictionaries are recommended for learning the words and understanding the meanings and phrases. The course imparts them to learn the various aspects of reading, writing, listening skills. Ample practice sessions are provided to develop the language skills for easy conversation. Various activities in form of oral and written tests are conducted to assess the learning objectives. The study course covers the reinforcement activities for learning language proficiency in Greek. Students are encouraged to develop the language by practice by involvement in day to day activities. Training also provides them with spoken language and several aspects of describing events, likes and dislikes, making requests, inquiries, dialogues and interactions.

Job Prospects

They find jobs in embassy, colleges, cultural exchange program centers, the jobs are as interpreters, translators, professors, archeological departments, museums,

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