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MS Chemical Admissions 2017 - 2018 Academic Year

Are you a graduate in chemistry and wanting to pursue higher education in Chemistry? Want to broaden your knowledge in Chemistry? Then choose MS Chemical course which suits your interest and for your career. Learn the course details, eligibility criteria and the job prospects. Know the list of colleges and universities that offers this course in India.

Course Name: MS Chemical
Stream: Engineering
Course Category: General
Duration: 2 Years

Course Description of MS Chemical

The two year course in MS chemical is interdisciplinary that covers both molecular, biochemical and medical studies. The course aims at preparing students for career in chemical industry sectors. The course introduces them to advances design methods and enables them to equip with research methodologies and development process. The curriculum covers problem solving skills to face challenges in the files and find solutions. The training exposes the students to research work , ethical values, seminars, thesis presentation, inquiry. Subjects includes organic chemistry, advanced, biochemistry, synthetic biology, physical and analytical methods. The course is designed for students to equip themselves with strong foundation in principles of chemical and biochemical engineering.

Eligibility Criteria

The students should have completed the bachelors degree in chemistry from a recognized university. They should possess good skills in conducting experiments, recording and interpreting the results.They should possess skills in conducting experiments.

Colleges offering MS Chemical course in India

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Additional Description of MS Chemical

Chemical sector is ever expanding and there is huge demand for qualified professionals. The course is two years duration and prepares the students with strong foundation in chemistry. The program trains the students to become experts in the relevant field and pursue career in chemical areas, medicine, law, education/business. The programs enhances the students skills in analytical ability and critical attitude. The course exposes them for research and development sectors. They can pursue advances studies and take-up research work in the relevant areas such as energy, bio-engineering, food, chemical, etc. The training provides extensive hands on experience to face the challenges in the field and find solutions for chemical problems. The students gain knowledge in chemical concepts, principles and theories. They would be trained in latest techniques and technologies to applied the gained knowledge in the chemical sectors. The program equips students with skills in analytical abilities and critical thinking, it fosters them in creativity and for innovative designs in chemical world. The students are also trained in safety measures and prevention of chemical hazards to the environment.

Job Prospects

The qualified students find ample job opportunities in varied sectors relevant to chemical areas., such as material and energy industries, food and chemical sectors, consultancy, public and private sectors, manufacturing industries, drugs manufacturing sectors, chemical and paints industries, energy production, healthcare, biotechnology, nanotechnology, environment conservation, consumer safety manufacturing industry.The job profiles includes, researcher, professor, safety officer, environmentalist, energy production officer, supervisor, chemistry officer.

MS Chemical Admissions for 2017 - 2018 Academic Year

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