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M.D Ayurved Siddhant & Darshan

Doctor of Medicine in Ayurved Siddhant & Darshan

Are you a Bachelor in B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurved, Medicine and Surgery)? Are you willing to move further with your studies? If yes, you should enroll for M.D in Ayurved Siddhant & Darshan. It is very much related to your field and offers good job opportunity afterwards. The general details can be obtained from below.

Course Name: M.D Ayurved Siddhant & Darshan
Stream: Healthcare & Medical Science
Course Category: Ayurveda
Duration: 3 Years


M.D is Doctor of Medicine ad it is a Post graduation program in the stream of Ayurved. The specialization of Ayurved Siddhant & Darshan deals with combined study of Ayurved, Medicine, Heath care, Pharmacy, surgery, etc. This course produces highly skilled professionals in the field of techniques and management.
Through this course, candidates learn all about Ayurved Sanhita, treatment techniques in Ayurved, Ayurved surgeries and many more.
This course cannot be pursued in distance learning mode and candidates need to attend the classes regularly.


Candidates holding B.A.M.S degree (bachelor of Ayurved, Medicine and Surgery) from a reputed and recognized college are eligible for this course. The minimum qualifying marks need to be checked before submitting the application form.

Admission Procedure

For admission, interested candidates need to submit the filled application form enclosed with all the other required documents. Most of the institutes conduct entrance test for admissions and candidates performing well in that get short listed for admissions.

M.D Ayurved Siddhant & Darshan 2019 - 2020 Admissions/Application Enquiry


M.D Ayurved Siddhant & Darshan - Colleges & Admission Notifications

Find the list of colleges offering M.D Ayurved Siddhant & Darshan course. Check out individual college websites to know more about the admission for 2019 - 2020 academic year. You may download the application form and course details from the official college website.

College NameUniversityState
Govt. Ayurveda College, ThiruvananthapuramUniversity of KeralaKerala

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The duration for this course is 3 regular years.

Further Study options

Candidates interested in higher studies can enroll for PhD, that is Doctor of Philosophy in Ayurved. It is a research based study course and candidates get an opportunity to do research on the topic of their interest after approval from their super visor.

Course Highlights

The course teaches about Charak Sanhita and all the available commentaries on that. It also teaches about Ayurvediya and Darshanika Siddhanta which includes topics like Analysis of principles specially loka-purusha samya, Pitharpaka Karana- Karyavada, Praman, Atmatatva siddhant, Practical applicability principles of Samkhya, etc.
Candidates also learn about Ayurved Itihas and Prayogika Siddhant. It covers study about Globalization of Ayurved, Post independent Development of Ayurved in terms of education and research, Naishthiki Chikitsa, Tridosh Siddhant, etc.
It includes literature reading about the subject and candidates read the Journals, types of Journals review of Articles, research based articles, etc.
An introduction of department of AYUSH, CCIM, CCRAS, RAV is also given in this course.

Job aspects

These candidates can work in Ayurved clinics, hospitals having Ayurved departments, military services, etc. Candidates having interested in teaching can join institutes having Ayurved related subjects in their curriculum.
The main designations they can have are Professor, Assistant professor, Research Associate, Pharmacist, Bio chemist, Scientific Assistant, Junior Research Scientist, Chief Medical Officer, etc.

M.D Ayurved Siddhant & Darshan Admissions for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

Are you looking for admissions for M.D Ayurved Siddhant & Darshan for the academic year 2019 - 2020? We can connect you with the right colleges and universities offering M.D Ayurved Siddhant & Darshan courses in your preferred locations. Contact us for more details.

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