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Diploma Money & Banking

Aspire to enter into world of money and banking sectors? Want to equip with latest trends in banking sectors and make a career for life? Then choose the course Diploma Money & Banking. Learn the course details, the eligibility criteria and the ob prospects. Know the list of colleges and universities that offers this course in India.

Course Name: Diploma Money & Banking
Stream: Engineering
Course Category: General
Duration: 1year

Course description of Diploma Money & Banking

The diploma in money and banking course exposes students to operations of financial systems. It focuses on money, banking processes and procedures and imparts knowledge on roles and features of money, banks and banking. The program aims at providing an understanding of financial systems and markets. The program highlights the aspects of importance and functions of financial and economic activities. The intensive program provides state of art experiences to financial institutions. The comprehensive course covers the details of valuation, money supply and demand. Students learn the types of financial markets and economic theories.

Eligibility criteria

The graduates who have completed their degree course from a recognized university are eligible for the course. They should have keen interest in pursuing the course in money and banking. They should possess strong foundation in mathematics and have basics in banking knowledge.

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Diploma Money & Banking - Colleges & Admission Notifications

Find the list of colleges offering Diploma Money & Banking course. Check out individual college websites to know more about the admission for 2019 - 2020 academic year. You may download the application form and course details from the official college website.

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Indian School of Business Management & AdministrationGujarat

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Additional description of Diploma Money & Banking

The program provides m-depth knowledge on money and banking systems with adequate examples on banking systems. The course enables them to understand the issues pertaining to monetary policy and central banking systems through illustrations.The intensive training program is designed to prepare individuals to make successful careers in banking and financial services. The course provides them with strong foundation in financial economic theory and practice, Students are trained in issues related to theory and practice of financial markets and its impact in the real world. The program enables them to understand financial crises and regulation They learn about financial institutions and monetary policies of different countries.

Students learn the elements of financial systems an get trained to apply their knowledge of micro and macro theories in real world settings in areas of money and banking. They develop critical thinking abilities to discuss current monetary issues. Students equip with skills to present the operations of money and banking in detailed manner using equations and flow charts. The study topics covers the role of financial systems, interest rates, asset valuation, banks, supply of money, demand for money, monetary policy, bank, money and equity markets, foreign exchange markets, financial future markets. The curriculum includes lectures, practical experiences, seminars, group discussions, assessments and examinations.

Job prospects

The qualified students find plenty of job opportunities in the country and across the world in banking sectors, financial services, investment firms, consultancy sectors, business establishments, eecnomic fields, management sectors.

Diploma Money & Banking Admissions for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

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