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M.A Lalit Kala

Are you a graduate of Lalit Kala and now seek to undertake a postgraduate program in the field of visual arts? For those passionate about visual art forms like painting and sculpture, M.A. Lalit Kala is an excellent program. Learn here the details of the course.

Course Name: M.A Lalit Kala
Stream: Art & Design
Course Category: Fine Arts
Duration: 2 Years


The main aim of the post graduate program in Lalit Kala is to foster a deeper understanding of the great tradition of Indian fine arts. Such kinds of courses are highly effective in promoting creative art forms in the country through study and research. The program concentrates on visual art forms such as sculpture, painting, sketching, graphic designing, art and craft and so on. The graduates of this course play an important role in the society by propagating and popularizing the various Indian art forms in the country and abroad. These graduates are instrumental in providing a platform to many budding artists who may come from different backgrounds and regions. It is the study of creative art, is what this course is mainly about and a career in this field can be a rewarding and very satisfying one.

Eligibility and course duration

A bachelor’s degree in Lalit Kala or an equivalent degree from a recognized university. Duration of the course is 2 years.

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Objectives of the Lalit Kala program

By Lalit Kala, we mean fine arts. With concern to fine arts, India has a rich history. Being primarily a culturally driven country, there are many hidden creative talents in our cities and villages. The programs in Lalit Kala, in fact, help many artists to come out of their cocoon and showcase their creative talent in one or the other visual art forms. It may be painting, sculpting or any of the one mentioned above. The course is instrumental in maintaining those glorious traditions of Indian art forms that the country is proud of. It also helps in passing on such talents to the future generations of the country. No doubt, through this course one gets a deeper understanding of the numerous art forms that are prevalent since time immemorial. You ultimately gain skills that help you propagate such creative talent further and promote their growth.

Scope of this course

This is an excellent course for those passionate about art and intend to make a career out of it. One can get work in art schools, colleges, studios, art galleries, museums and a host of other institutions related to art. There is always the possibility to have your own studio, gallery or school representing one or the other art form. There are opportunities to further your education in this field by opting for doctoral programs in the relevant area.

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