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Certification Horticulture Assistant

Aspiring to work in the field of horticulture? Looking for certification programs that will help you become a horticulture assistant and work in parks, gardens, landscaping, farms, etc. Find here the details of the program Certification in Horticultural Assistant and the prospects the course holds.

Course Name: Certification Horticulture Assistant
Stream: Science
Course Category: Agriculture
Duration: 6 - 12 months


The field of horticulture is a very interesting one. It involves working in the lap of nature in picturesque parks, beautiful gardens, lawns and farms. Other than related to gardening and flowers, horticulture science also involves aspects such as soil management, protection of crops and plants, developing landscapes and so on.

Eligibility and duration

Becoming a horticulture assistant doesn’t require much qualification. At the most, you require a 10+2 or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution. Most of these courses range less than a year and are of say 6 months to 1 year. Other than the certificate programs there are some bachelor’s and master’s program in horticulture that too one can opt for, if suitably qualified.

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More about the course

The certificate programs help you in learning a lot about the horticulture sector. Most of the training in this field is a practical one with hands-on training on a number of horticultural equipment. Since most of the activity for a horticulturist involves working outdoors, you need to have the right temperament for working outside the comforts of offices. The course work involves visiting outdoors to farmlands, agricultural lands, gardens, etc. One gets to learn about working in botanical gardens, greenhouses and golf courses. One learns about landscaping and developing lawns. You learn using lawn mowers, leaf blowers, trimmers and other equipment used in maintaining lawns and gardens. Other than these you may get trained on basics about soil management, using pesticides, turf grass and ornamental plants management.

Job opportunities

There is no dearth of jobs in this field. With concrete structures replacing the green surroundings from our towns and cities, mankind is increasingly feeling the need for greenery, parks and gardens. It is the horticulturists who can help to a certain extent in giving back those lost greenery to us through beautiful parks, gardens and landscaped surroundings. Horticulture assistants are also required in agricultural farms for their knowledge about crop development, protection, weedicides and pesticides. They are even employed by the government for jobs in the horticulture sector for development of nurseries, gardens, watershed development and for taking up horticultural programmes envisaged b the government. A few such job posts in this sector are gardener, park horticulturist, assistant horticulturist, nursery manager and assistant manager parks. One can opt for bachelors and subsequently master’s program in horticulture for growth in one’s career.

Certification Horticulture Assistant Admissions for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

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