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Certification Battery Repairer

With each day the number of private cars is increasing. There is a high demand for battery repairers in such cars. If you are a car mechanic and you want to learn how the battery of a car functions, then this Certification Battery Repairer course can be highly beneficial for you.

Course Name: Certification Battery Repairer
Stream: Engineering
Course Category: General


Car battery repairing is like reengineering the soul of the car. If you are a car mechanic, then you must know how to repair it's battery. In fact, before repairing, you must know the functions and properties of a car battery. It is better to learn all these things in a professional course. A certification on Battery Repairer is one such course. Battery repairers are in high demand all over the country. After passing this course, you will not only learn about the battery, but you will also learn about the functionalities of different basic cars as well.

Eligibility Criteria

The students who wish to study this course, can do so after passing their higher secondary. If you complete any two year diploma course that is equivalent to higher secondary, then also you can take admission. There is no restriction regarding the marks to be obtained in the aggregate of 10+2.

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Higher Studies

  1. After this course, some students might become intrigued about how to design a car. Therefore, one of the most effective course will be a B.Tech or B.E. in automobile engineering. To be eligible for this course, a student must clear the joint entrance examination of his state or the All India Engineering Entrance Examination. The student must get a high rank in any of these examinations. The higher the rank, the better are the chances of getting a B.E. course of one's own choice. This course will help a student design various cars with customized battery requirements.
  2. If you want to focus more on chip and hardware designing after this course, then you can think of studying a diploma in Electronic Technology. The requirement for this course is same as that of this certification course. You will learn how to design more environment friendly hardware, including batteries of cars.

Job Prospects

  1. Initially, you can become a car mechanic in a company. You can also become a test technician.
  2. You can become a battery technician. You will have to test only the batteries of various cars.
  3. If you complete the diploma in Electronic Technology, then you can become an automation technician. Your job will be to test various kinds of automobile hardware and integrate them.
  4. After around 10 years of automation testing, you can become a robotic technician. There is a high demand of such technicians in abroad countries.
  5. If you become an expert in electronic circuits, then you can also become a mobile technician.

Certification Battery Repairer Admissions for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

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