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Post Graduate Diploma Visual Arts Admissions 2017 - 2018 Academic Year

Are you passionate about the visual forms of art such as photography, videography, animations, web designing, advertising and so on? Do you want to take up PG diploma course in visual arts for a career in films, media, journalism, etc? Then, learn here the prospects and the details of the course Diploma in Visual Arts.

Course Name: Post Graduate Diploma Visual Arts
Stream: Engineering
Course Category: General
Duration: 1 year

Course Overview

Visual Arts has been a popular one ever since the advent of films and television. With the rise of the digital age, visual arts have gained an additional dimension. Graphic designing, web development, animation, videography and audiography are now very popular means of visual art. With more developments to come in digital technology, increasing spread of internet and the rising fame of films, televisions and other mass media, the field of visual arts will provide increasing opportunities for employment and career growth.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The basic eligibility criteria for pursuing Post Graduate Diploma Visual Arts course is a B.A Fine Arts or a Humanities degree with special aptitude and background of the subject.
  • Other graduates than those in Humanities are also considered for admission, if they show proof in aptitude in the Fine Arts and familiarity with art objects and literature and provided they put in one additional year to cover the pre-requisites.

The duration of Post Graduate Diploma Visual Arts course is 1 year.

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Some more about the course

The course provides you with hands-on practical approach towards learning the various aspects of visual arts. It’s through workshop, training and assignments that one picks up the skills and expertise in this course. A course in visual arts has a very wide scope, as it prepares you for a number of fields like film making, film editing, web development, animation, graphic designing, advertising, videography and others like painting, drawing, sculpting, textile designing, etc. Through these various art forms one learns to convey one’s feelings, emotions, ideas and other general information. Among various other things about the above fields, you will be taught about the fundamentals of color and composition, techniques of each individual medium, form, etc. You are also introduced to design software for learning skills in graphic design, web design, animation and other computer based multimedia platforms.

Jobs and opportunities

There’s a wide array of opportunities in the field of visual arts. It is a popular means of mass communication that’s growing with leaps and bounds. Whether it is in film making, journalism, print media or in advertising, the scope for growth is tremendous. It’s through application and working hard one can climb up the ropeway to success in quite a reasonable time. There is also very good scope for self-employment or freelancing in the field. The World Wide Web has widened the possibilities. The internet and the computer have kind of revolutionized the field by providing opportunities sitting at home itself.

Post Graduate Diploma Visual Arts Admissions for 2017 - 2018 Academic Year

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