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Certification Phonetics & Personality Development

Very eager to develop your spoken skills in the English language? At the same time seeking to improve your personality and be more presentable? Learn here about the program Certification Phonetics and Personality Development and the way it will improve your job and career prospects.

Course Name: Certification Phonetics & Personality Development
Stream: Beauty & Personal Care
Course Category: Personality Development
Duration: 3 - 4 months


Learning speaking skills in any language is of prime importance, especially if the language you are seeking to learn is a very useful one like the English language that is widely spoken in business and official circles. In fact, having good skills in the English language helps you become a good communicator at your work and is very much instrumental in advancing your career. With the presence of a large number of MNCs in the country, it is all the more important to have skills in spoken English. Similarly, it is important to have a good personality, if you seek progress in your career or business. A certification course in phonetics and personality development can just do the wonder for you helping you achieve the dual objectives of speaking skills and personality development.

Eligibility and course duration

High school or any other higher qualification. These are short term courses that may range anywhere from 3-4 months.

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Certification Phonetics & Personality Development - Colleges & Admission Notifications

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R.A. Podar College of Commerce & EconomicsUniversity of MumbaiMaharashtra

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More about the course

The main idea of these programs are to make you more presentable to the outside world for seeking employment, business and in general for earning a living. Improving your speaking skills and personality also helps in making friends, acquaintances and in networking with people for business as well as career needs. These courses help you in learning the art of speaking, by giving focus on phonetics and improving your pronunciation skills. You are trained on aspects like voice modulation, pace of delivery of speech, coherence and clarity in voice. For the personality, part there will be training on giving presentations, short speeches and interacting with others in a group discussion. There are aspects that train not only your outer self but your inner self too. Your dressing sense improves; what to wear and when to wear. You will learn basic etiquettes, manners and add a grace to your style or appearance. Your communication and networking skills get improved. Your attitude towards life gets transformed too. You gain in positive outlook, with less of negativity.

Scope and career prospects

This is a very useful course, especially for those who are from rural backgrounds and not proficient with the English language, nor are they groomed like public school students. For others too, it is useful in improving your career prospects in any field, especially those which calls for public dealing, business transactions or simply one to one dealing with people.

Certification Phonetics & Personality Development Admissions for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

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