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BEng Honours

Bachelor of Engineering Honours

Do you want to become an engineer in the future? But maybe you are not sure of the stream you want to pursue in future. In that case you can think of studying a Bachelor's in Engineering Honors after completing 10+2. Find out the details of this course over here.

Course Name: BEng Honours
Stream: Engineering
Course Category: General


If you are a foreign student then you must be looking for a bridge course that will mould your career in the right direction. If you want to become an engineer in the future, but you are not sure of the branch that will be the closest to the skills you possess, then a Bachelor's in Engineering Honors is the best possible course for you. You will learn the designing process of various electronic instruments. You will learn the technology behind the functioning of those instruments. This is an undergraduate course that prepares you for the technical field in the future. You will be able to introspect in the first year, which specialization suits your preferences and your career the most. Accordingly, you will be able to chose and pursue your career in the later years. You get to learn the techniques of pursuing research work in the future.

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BEng Honours - Colleges & Admission Notifications

Find the list of colleges offering BEng Honours course. Check out individual college websites to know more about the admission for 2019 - 2020 academic year. You may download the application form and course details from the official college website.

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ECube Global CollegeMaharashtra

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Eligibility Criteria

  1. You should have completed 10+2 before this course. There is a restriction over the stream to be chosen in higher secondary. Only those students who have completed their plus twos in science stream can opt for this course. This course is ideal for those who are in a dilemma regarding the choice of their technological career after 10+2.
  2. The age restriction during the application for this course is minimum 17. The maximum limit of age for the application in this course is 26.
  3. If you are applying in any university abroad, then you will have to clear either TOEFL or IELTS. These are entrance examinations to test the skills in reading, writing, comprehending and speaking in English. Based on this score, you will get admission to any good institute abroad.

Future Job Prospects

  1. You can become a computer programmer after this course. Your job will be to develop programs with respect to certain problems given by the client. After a few years of experience you can become a software developer. In this case not only the programming, but you will also be in charge of the software database design.
  2. You can become a contractual construction engineer. After a few years of experience, you will be promoted to a permanent post.
  3. You can become a chemical engineer. Your job will be to minimize the production process of the refined oil.
  4. You can become a laboratory assistant and conduct practical sessions for students.
  5. You can become a maintenance engineer. Your job will be to repair manual and automated systems.

BEng Honours Admissions for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

Are you looking for admissions for BEng Honours for the academic year 2019 - 2020? We can connect you with the right colleges and universities offering BEng Honours courses in your preferred locations. Contact us for more details.

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