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Certification Water Harvesting and Management

Are you eager to work in the field of rain water harvesting? Desirous of finding solutions to the overexploitation of ground water and find means to conserve water? Want to better manage our water resources? Learn here the details of the course Certification Water Harvesting and Management.

Course Name: Certification Water Harvesting and Management
Stream: Science
Course Category: Environment
Duration: Minimum 6 Months


Perhaps other than air, water is the most important resource for life to exist. Our earth is fortunate to have abundant quantities of water in our seas, oceans and lakes. However, a fraction of the water is only suitable for use. Because of high salinity of sea water, its use is very much limited. Increasing population and the rapid growth of industries has led to heavy consumption of fresh water. The ground water level is sinking, rivers and lakes are drying up and rains are becoming very much unpredictable. Considering all this, it is the endeavour of governments all over to find means for conserving water. Certification in water harvesting and management is in this direction only.

Eligibility and course duration

Pass in class 10th or Bachelor’s Preparatory Programme, if you willing to appear for the course from IGNOU. Duration of the course is minimum 6 months.

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More about the course

The course makes you aware of the various water resources that we are blessed with. One learns how mankind has been overexploiting our water resources on the name of urbanization and development. it makes you aware of the declining groundwater levels and the drying up of the surface water. You are made aware of the urgent need to initiate steps towards conservation of water. It tells you how to recharge the groundwater. It explains you about rainwater harvesting and how effective it is in recharging the groundwater. It tells you about the techniques of rain water harvesting and other water conservation methods. You learn how rooftops and catchment areas can be best utilized for augmenting our water resources. You learn managing our water resources in water scarce areas like deserts. Considering that very little water is conserved by rain water harvesting, it is the endeavour of such professionals to improve upon the use of rain water harvesting methods much more commonly.

Job opportunities

Other than the field of agriculture, experts in water harvesting are required in a variety of areas. Their services are utilized by town planners and municipalities. Equipment manufacturers for rain water harvesting employ personnel trained in water harvesting techniques. They help in increasing awareness about measures introduced by the government towards water harvesting methods. It’s by prudent use and management of our precious water resources that we can sustain life for years to come. Water harvesting professionals make people aware of all these measures.

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