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M.P.T. Musculoskeletal

Do you want to specialize in Muscooskeletal Physiotherapy? There is a special M.P.T course for that. The name of the course is M.P.T. Musculoskeletal. In this two-year course you will be prepared to treat patients with problems in the bones and muscles. Find out more details in the following sections.

Course Name: M.P.T. Musculoskeletal
Stream: Healthcare & Medical Science
Course Category: Health and Wellness
Duration: 2 Years


Muscoskeletal physiotherapists are high in demand besides Hand Condition physiotherapists. Such physiotherapists can find jobs among both the young and old section of our country. You will find very few people who have never complained about knee pain or shoulder pain. As a muscoskeletal physiotherapist you will have to know about various kinds of muscle and bone injuries and know the techniques to cure them. If you can study and understand this course well, you can become an efficient physiotherapist. You can gain a vast exposure among the sports people of India and abroad. You will learn to treat physically challenged people. Sometimes some critical muscle or bone injury gets fully cured by physiotherapy. In this course, you will learn everything about human anatomy and human psychology. In a physiotherapy treatment both are needed. You will also learn about those diseases that cannot be cured by applying physiotherapy only.

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Eligibility Criteria

  1. You must have a degree in BPT, before you want to study this M.P.T course. The BPT degree that you obtain must be done from a university approved by UGC or other equivalent organizations. Otherwise, your degree will not be considered valid by the university offering M.P.T Muscoskeletal.
  2. You must possess minimum 55% marks in the graduation. If the number of students applying for this course are much more than the number of vacancies, then the students who have obtained more than 55% will be called for an entrance examination. Only those students, who pass this examination, will be called by the university.

Future Job Prospects

  1. You can become a junior physiotherapist in a private nursing home or a clinic. You will be hired by patients to give physiotherapy treatments. The physiotherapists may have to go to the houses of the patients to treat them. This is applicable for patients suffering from chronic spondylosis or paralysis.
  2. You can also become an osteopath. Such people are required by people suffering from shoulder pain or hip joint pain.
  3. You can join any sports academy to provide physiotherapy services. You will have to look after the sports persons, so that their injuries don’t become serious.
  4. Becoming a physiotherapy executive after around 5 years of experience, is also a possibility. You will guide the junior physiotherapists under you and look after the administration.
  5. After around 10 years of experience as a physiotherapy executive, you can become a therapy manager. You can open a physiotherapy clinic and provide various muscoskeletal treatments.

M.P.T. Musculoskeletal Admissions for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

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