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M.P.T. Neuro-Physiotherapy

Are you working in a hospital? Do you provide physiotherapy to the patients? Then you can think of specializing in Neuro-Physiotherapy. This will help you treat patients with neurotic disorders. The M.P.T course in Neuro-Physiotherapy is such a course. Find out more details about this course in the following sections.

Course Name: M.P.T. Neuro-Physiotherapy
Stream: Healthcare & Medical Science
Course Category: Health and Wellness
Duration: 2 Years

Introduction and Overview

If you study M.P.T in Neuro-Physiotherapy, then you will be able to treat patients with disorder in the brain or spinal cord. In fact, this physiotherapy treatment helps in reducing the speech impediment developed in a few people due to neural disorders. There is a high demand for such physiotherapists during the rehabilitation of patients with neural disorders. During rehabilitation, a patient tries to accustom to the new environment. In that case only medication increases the depression and frustration within them. Neuro-Physiotherapy helps them regain their confidence and willpower. You will learn Biomechanics, Biostatistics, Physiology and lots more in this course. You will learn to record and analyze the data of a patient with spinal cord or brain disorder. In abroad there is a high demand of neuro-physiotherapists. To get a job in an abroad country, study this course well and keep your academic record really high.

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Eligibility Criteria

  1. You must have a degree in BPT, if you want to study M.P.T in Neuro-Physiotherapy. You can also complete a degree course that is equivalent to BPT degree.
  2. You must possess minimum 50% marks in the graduation. In some colleges there could be a relaxation over the percentage to be obtained in graduation. This is allowed only for the students from reserved category.
  3. After you satisfy the above two criteria, you must sit for the entrance examination for M.P.T. This entrance examination is conducted by the university where you wish to take admission. If you pass this examination, you will be selected to study this course.

Further Higher Studies

You can think of studying M.P.T in Orthopedics. Already you are an expert of diseases in the spinal cord. M.P.T in Orthopedics will help you learn about various bone related diseases, especially arthritis. You will learn the treatment procedure. More than 40% of the Indian population are suffering from various categories of arthritis. So passing this course will widen your career in our country. You will get a job in any hospital or private nursing home.

Future Job Prospects

  1. You can become an assistant professor in Neuro-Physiotherapy. Such professors are also required in many abroad countries. You can gather some experience from any Indian college. Then you can apply for a foreign university.
  2. If you wish to shift to a non-academic job, you can become a hospital administrator. You will look after the treatment procedure and the cost the hospital has to bear for those treatments.

M.P.T. Neuro-Physiotherapy Admissions for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

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