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Dip. Knitwear Manufacturing & Management

Diploma in Knitwear Manufacturing & Management

Do you want to join the fashion industry with some knowledge in engineering and technology? Do you want jobs specifically related to manufacturing knitted garments? Then perhaps you should think about pursuing a diploma course in knitwear manufacturing? Please go through the details of the course presented here.

Course Name: Dip. Knitwear Manufacturing & Management
Stream: Science
Course Category: Manufacturing
Duration: 1 Year

Introduction and overview of the course

As the name might itself suggest that this courses meant for people aspiring career in fashion technologies and very specifically knitwear manufacturing technologies. The knitwear industry has become a highly profitable industry. Today the earlier techniques of knitted garments need to be collaborated with modern trends of machine and technology. This can be only done by special engineers who have knowledge about fabric and manufacturing both. What better course than Diploma Knitwear Mfg & Mgt to introduce you to this.

Basic eligibility criteria

  1. The basic eligibility criteria is that you need to pass higher secondary standard with 50-55% marks or more. There is no restriction about the stream that you should pass from in higher secondary.

  2. If you have some prior knowledge on fabrics used in garment manufacturing, then it will help you understand the fabric technology even better in knitwear manufacture and management course.

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Further discussions on eligibility

The institutions who provide diploma courses in Knitwear Manufacturing allow students to pursue the course, if they have cleared the entrance examination for admission held in the institute. The examination assesses the practical ability of the candidate in this field. The course is practical and fieldwork oriented. So the better are your creative abilities in such genre, the higher are your chances to get admitted in the course.

Job prospects

  1. You can first join as a trainee in a textile company and later on you can evolve as their textile designer. Currently there are quite a number of vacancies for the positions of textile engineer.
  2. Sometimes you don’t even need to be a trainee. You can directly join a company as a textile designer or consultant. The companies also hire fashion designers who have diploma in fashion technologies or knitwear manufacturing.

  3. A lot of budding new companies look for franchisees who have deep knowledge about merchandising and manufacturing of knitted garments. This is a kind of self employment approach and best for people aspiring to become freelancers initially. You can become a garment merchandiser or local franchisee of the company you join and get paid on your terms.

Higher studies after this course

You can do a B.Tech course after this diploma. There are a lot of B.Tech streams like process control engineering, production engineering, textile engineering and others which will enhance your knowledge about knitwear and the associated technological support to manage a knitwear manufacturing company.

Dip. Knitwear Manufacturing & Management Admissions for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

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