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What could be better than a course in music for those blessed with a melodious voice and having a special talent for singing or music? In case you are among those fortunate few, blessed with such talents, then a course in music could be the right choice for you.


The popularity of song sequences in movies and the numerous TV reality shows based on song and music have brought a sea change in the musical world. For today’s youth, music has become a source of earning a handsome livelihood. The rapid growth in the music industry has made a job in this field all the more lucrative. The way people are making a fortune by showcasing their musical talent, more and more people are getting attracted towards this industry. This has increased the competition drastically. A course done in music helps you stay ahead of the competition. For those serious about taking music as a career, a course in music becomes absolutely essential.

Eligibility and duration

A pass in 10+2 in any stream is what is required to pursue a musical career. Bachelors and postgraduate courses are of three and two years respectively. Certificate and diploma courses can be anywhere from one to two years.


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Music Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Music courses for 2019 - 2020 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Music course.

  1. B.A. Combination of Music
  2. B.A. Music
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Classical Vocal Music (Hon.)
  4. Bachelor of Music (Hons)
  5. Bachelor of Physical Arts (Music)
  6. Bachelor of Rabindra Sangeet (Hons)
  7. Certification Music
  8. Diploma Art Music
  9. Diploma Folk Music
  10. Diploma Music
  11. Diploma Proficiency course in Music
  12. M.A Music
  13. M.Phil Indian Music
  14. M.Phil Music
  15. MS Music Therapy
  16. Ph.D Music
  17. Ph.D Music Therapy
  18. Ph.D Rabindra Sangeet

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What’s a musical course about?

It’s not only about lessons in music alone, it encompasses other things too. Today’s courses train the next generation of Indians in becoming sound engineers, composers, DJs, etc to feed modern India’s hunger for more and more music and songs. Never has there been a better time to become a musician or a singer. The courses help in equipping with all the knowledge and skills required to turn your passion into a successful musical career. Typically, Indian music is divided into following categories:
  1. Classical music – Hindustani and carnatic
  2. Light classical – Ghazals, thumri, dadra, quawali, etc.
  3. Folk music – Baul, rabindrasangeet, bihu, lavani
  4. Popular music – Film music, pop music, dance music, hip-hop.

What you learn?

Some of the topics covered in these courses are; music fundamentals, music theory, history of music down the ages, composing music, voice modulation, etc. For success in this career other than good voice and talent, one requires dedication, hardwork, creativity, ambition and also self confidence.

A booming career

Career opportunities available in the music world are extensive. For those capable of establishing themselves, it’s a well paid profession. Choices are aplenty. The best salaries are available in the film industry. Apart from singers, the industry recruits sound producers, song writers, recording engineers and composers. Television and radio channels provide opportunities to musicians of all hues in great numbers. There are opportunities as music teachers, DJs and conductors of bands.