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Are you aspiring to become a manager and take on leadership position in the future? Looking out for various courses in the managerial discipline? Right here, on this page your queries will be resolved. This page provides a brief overview of the Management discipline , the courses included, their brief overview and the various job opportunities lying in wait for you if you take up any of these courses.

What is Management all about?

Management is modern day career option and includes skills of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, controlling of human, technological, financial and natural resources to accomplish the defined goals. A variety of courses are available at UG, PG, Doctorate, Diploma, Post diploma and certificate levels in full time, part time and distance mode. The courses are designed to develop your leadership and people management skills, strategic thinking, the key traits required to succeed in global business. A Management career is one of the highest paid careers in today’s context. In case you have or want to start your own business then you can opt for a management course.


Management Admission 2018 - 2019 Application Enquiry


Management Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Management courses for 2018 - 2019 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Management course.

  1. A.D.P.M
  2. B.A Advertisement & Sales Management
  3. B.A Office Management
  4. B.A. Hotel Management
  5. B.A. Tourism & Travel Management
  6. B.B.A Hotel Management
  7. B.B.A IT
  8. B.B.A L.L.B
  9. B.B.A Tourism and Travel Management
  10. B.B.M Computer Application
  11. B.B.M Shipping
  12. B.B.M.
  13. B.B.M. (Retail Management)
  14. B.Com Business Management
  15. B.Com Co-operative Management
  16. B.Com Management
  17. B.Com Office Management
  18. B.Com Shipping Management
  19. B.Sc Catering Science & Hotel Management
  20. B.Sc Economics and Management
  21. B.Sc Food Science & Management
  22. B.Sc Hotel Management & Catering Science
  23. B.Sc Yoga and Management
  24. B.Sc. (Information System Management)
  25. B.Sc. Health Information Administration
  26. B.Sc. Hospitality & Hotel Adm
  27. Bachelor in Information Systems Management (BISM)
  28. Bachelor of Heritage Management - BHM
  29. Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Tech.
  30. Bachelor of Management Studies
  31. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
  32. BBA Media Management
  33. BHTM Bachelor of Hospitality & Tourism Management
  34. Certificate in Treasury Management (CTM)
  35. Certification Disaster Management (CDM)
  36. Certification Export Management
  37. Certification Human resource management
  38. Certification Office Management
  39. Dip. H.R. Management
  40. Dip. Knitwear Manufacturing & Management
  41. Dip. Management Executive
  42. Dip. Modern Office Management
  43. Diploma Agri Business Management
  44. Diploma Airport Management
  45. Diploma Business Management (D.B.M.)
  46. Diploma Computer in Office Mgt
  47. Diploma Construction Mgt.
  48. Diploma Credit Management
  49. Diploma Dairy Mgt.
  50. Diploma Disaster Management
  51. Diploma Energy Mgt. Technology
  52. Diploma Entrepreneurship
  53. Diploma Event Management
  54. Diploma Horticulture Nursery Management
  55. Diploma Hospital Administration
  56. Diploma Hospital Management
  57. Diploma Hotel Management
  58. Diploma Import / export management
  59. Diploma Marketing Management (D.M.M.)
  60. Diploma Mgt. Accounting
  61. Diploma Office Management (D.O.M)
  62. Diploma Operations Management
  63. Diploma Population and Health Mgt.
  64. Diploma Public Relations
  65. Diploma School Management
  66. Diploma Tourism & Hotel Management
  67. Diploma Tourism Management
  68. Diploma Waste Management
  69. Diploma Watershed Management (DWM)
  70. G. Dip. Business Administration
  71. Graduate Diploma Material Management
  72. Integrated MBA Financial Law
  73. Integrated MBA HR Management
  74. Integrated MBA Pharmaceutical Management
  75. M.A History & Heritage Management
  76. M.A Media Management
  77. M.A Police Administration
  78. M.A. Public Personnel Management
  79. M.A. Rural Management
  80. M.A. Tourism Management
  81. M.B.A
  82. M.B.A Accounting
  83. M.B.A Aviation Management
  84. M.B.A Banking & Insurance
  85. M.B.A Business Forecasting
  86. M.B.A Business Policy and Strategic Management
  87. M.B.A Chemical Sales & Marketing Management (CSMM)
  88. M.B.A Cruise Ship Hospitality Management
  89. M.B.A Environmental Management
  90. M.B.A Fashion management
  91. M.B.A Finance
  92. M.B.A Functional Specialisation
  93. M.B.A Hospital Management
  94. M.B.A Hotel Management Tourism Catering Technology
  95. M.B.A Information Technology
  96. M.B.A Infrastructure Management
  97. M.B.A International Business
  98. M.B.A Investment Management
  99. M.B.A Logistics & Shipping
  100. M.B.A Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  101. M.B.A Management of Information Systems
  102. M.B.A Marine Human Resource Management (Manning)
  103. M.B.A Media Management
  104. M.B.A Operations Management
  105. M.B.A Petroleum and Energy Management
  106. M.B.A Power Management
  107. M.B.A Production and Operations Management
  108. M.B.A Research Methodology Management Decisions
  109. M.B.A Retail Management
  110. M.B.A Shipping & Logistics Management
  111. M.B.A Software Enterprise Management(SEM)
  112. M.B.A Systems Management
  113. M.B.A Tourism Management
  114. M.B.A. Commonwealth Executive Programme
  115. M.Com Insurance Management
  116. M.E Environmental Management
  117. M.E Integrated Water Resources Management
  118. M.E Quality Engineering & Management
  119. M.Phil Hospital & Health Systems Management
  120. M.Phil Management Studies
  121. M.Phil. Management
  122. M.Phil. Public Administration
  123. M.Sc Animal Production Management
  124. M.Sc Catering Science & Hotel Management
  125. M.Sc Family Resource Management (FRM)
  126. M.Sc Hotel Management, Catering Tech & Tourism
  127. M.Sc Yoga and Management
  128. M.Sc. Dietetics & Food Service Mgmt.
  129. M.Sc. Hospital Administration
  130. M.T.M. Management
  131. M.T.M. Master of Tourism Management
  132. Master in Marketing Management (M.M.M)
  133. Master in Personnel Management
  134. Master of Business Management
  135. Master of Computer Management (M.C.M)
  136. Master of Education Management
  137. Master of Financial Management
  138. Master of Hospital Management
  139. Master of International Business (M.I.B.)
  140. Master of M.I.M
  141. MBA Agri Business
  142. MBA Media & Event Management
  143. MBA Pharmaceutical Management
  144. MS International Management (MSIM)
  145. P.G. Certificate in Home Textiles Management
  146. P.G. Diploma Textile Management
  147. P.G. PFERM
  148. P.G.D. Educational Management & Administration
  149. P.G.D. Electrical Safety and Safety Management
  150. P.G.D. Insurance Management
  151. P.G.D. Marketing Management
  152. P.G.D. Retail Marketing
  153. P.G.D. Tourism Management
  154. P.G.P.M Finance
  155. P.G.P.M Human Resource
  156. P.G.P.M Marketing
  157. P.G.P.M Strategy & Research
  158. P.G.P.M Systems & IT
  159. PG Diploma Advanced Clinical Research Management
  160. PG Diploma Tourism & Leisure Management
  161. PGD Business Administration
  162. PGD in Hotel Management
  163. PGD Supply Chain & Operations Management
  164. Post Graduate Diploma Business Management
  165. Post Graduate Diploma Disaster Management (PGDDM)
  166. Post Graduate Diploma Enterprise management and entrepreneurship
  167. Post Graduate Diploma Environment Management
  168. Post Graduate Diploma Financial Management (PGDFM)
  169. Post Graduate Diploma Human Resource Management (PGDHRM)
  170. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  171. Post Graduate Diploma Management
  172. Post Graduate Diploma Management (Dual Specializa)
  173. Post Graduate Diploma Management (HR)
  174. Post Graduate Diploma Marketing Management (PGDMM)
  175. Post Graduate Diploma Material Management
  176. Post Graduate Diploma Media management & TV production
  177. Post Graduate Diploma PMIR (Personnel Management & Industrial Relations)
  178. Post Graduate Diploma Retail Management
  179. Post Graduate Diploma Rurual development management.
  180. Post Graduate Diploma School Leadership & Management for Head Teachers
  181. Post Graduate Diploma Sports Management
  182. Post Graduate Diploma Technology Management
  183. Post Graduate Diploma Telecom Management

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Specializations in Management

Once you decide to opt for a Management course, you can choose from various specialisations namely accounting, marketing, finance, human resources, operations, retail sales, hospitality, hospital administration, media management, advertisement, international business and management. Working professional can take up executive MBA degree. Students are admitted through national or college level entrance exams. The major common skills required by all managers is organizational skills, independent and rational decision making, keeping cool under pressure, communication and inter personal skills, problem solving and analytical skills and leadership skills. If you have all this in you, then you will be recruited easily. After completing your studies you can start your own business of work at a managerial level in any corporate or MNC, public or private. Managers are in demand in all sectors, be it advertisement, media, entertainment,, marketing, banks, art museums, construction, manufacturing industries, hotel, hospitality industry, event management, IT companies, forests, Administration positions in education, health services, finance companies, retail sales, supply chain, textiles, pharma industries, warehouses, environmental domain, NGOs etc. The management degree is accepted and there are many job opportunities even in the government sector.