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Are you interested in research or study of design, development, construction, testing, science and technology of aircraft? Then Aeronautical Engineering is the right course for you. Find information about the course details, duration and various colleges and universities offering this course. Read on further to know some of the essential information about aeronautical course and admission criteria in India.

Aeronautical Engineering degrees are mainly Bachelor of Engineering degrees at the undergraduate level and are for four years. But some institutes have an option of pursuing Masters by extending the course length by an additional year or two.
Admission to this course in most universities, colleges and institutes are based on common entrance tests. Students need to be competent in mathematics and physics. Aeronautical courses are specially designed for individuals who want to become air traffic controllers, maintenance technicians or professional pilots. Students also get information about aircraft engineering, aircraft construction and mechanics.


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Aeronautical Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Aeronautical courses for 2019 - 2020 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Aeronautical course.

  1. A.M.Ae.S.I Aeronautical Engineering
  2. B Tech Aerospace
  3. B.E Aeronautical Engineering
  4. B.Sc Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  5. B.Sc Airport Management
  6. B.Sc Aviation
  7. B.Tech Aerospace Engineering
  8. Dip. Aeronautical Engineering
  9. Diploma Airport Management
  10. M.E Aeronautical Engineering
  11. M.E Avionics
  12. M.Tech Aerospace Engineering
  13. M.Tech Avionics
  14. M.Tech Guidance, Navigation and Control
  15. M.Tech. Aeronautical Engineering
  16. MS Aerospace Engineering
  17. Ph.D Aerospace Engineering
  18. Post Graduate Diploma Aviation Management

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Learn some of the aeronautical course in India:

Fundamentals of aerospace and Space Technology Course

Many schools teach aerospace and aeronautic which concentrate on space flight, whereas some institute concentrate only on atmospheric flight. In fundamental course of aerospace, students discover the basic elements of thermodynamics, aerodynamics, rocket propulsion, fluid mechanics, launch systems and space flight dynamics. Students learn about how these elements affect space craft and airplane performance.

Aerodynamics Course

In this course, students learn about the principles of how air moves around objects and what effects do the moving air have an aircraft. The topics that are covered under this course are vortex panels, airfoils, fluid dynamics, transonic flow and lattice methods. The course includes labs where the students conduct experiments in aerodynamics and fluid dynamics.

Aeronautical Engineering Course

In the aeronautical engineering course, students examine about the issues relating to current technological advances. Students of intermediate aeronautical course familiarize with research in the field as they learn about the present, past and future of aeronautics. Many professors are of the view that the students should read magazines and articles relating to aeronautics for class discussions. This course serves more as basic industry awareness.

Aviation Law Course

Rules of air are being taught in this program. Students learn about aviation laws, laws relating to the past and the laws that have changed. This is an advanced aeronautical course that covers the law’s relevance, practical applications of the pilot, airplane stuff and the plane engineer. Issues that the airline companies are facing and aviation security are also discussed in this course. Marketing and advertisement tactics are also included in the program so that the students learn how to draw customers and at the same time remain competitive in the industry.