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Are you interested in studying pharmacy? Looking out for more information about this sector? Check out this page. You will find here about the domain, course options and job opportunities. This page will be useful to you for choosing a career in petroleum domain.

Course overview

Did you know that pharmacy is one of the highly trusted professions and an integral part of the healthcare system? If you choose a career in pharmacy, then you can be rest assured that you will have a direct impact on people’s lives and well-being. The discipline of pharmacy is the science and the study of methods of formulating, supply and prescriptions of drugs. It is a discipline related to human healthcare and focuses on the design and development of new treatments and aims to ensure that pharmaceutical drugs are used effectively and safely.

Wondering if study in pharmacy is the right choice for you? It is, if you are a people oriented by nature and have a keen interest in contributing to the well-being of others.


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Pharmacy Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Pharmacy courses for 2019 - 2020 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Pharmacy course.

  1. B.Pharm
  2. B.Tech Pharmaceutical Technology
  3. B.Tech Pharmaceuticals Chemistry and Technology
  4. Diploma Ayurvedic Pharmacy and Compounding (DAPC)
  5. Diploma Pharmacy
  6. Integrated MBA in Pharmaceutical Management
  7. M. Tech. Pharmaceutical Engineering
  8. M.Pharm
  9. M.Pharm Formulation Technology (Ayu)
  10. M.Pharm Herbal Technology (Ayurveda)
  11. M.Pharm Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy
  12. M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis
  13. M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  14. M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  15. M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Technology
  16. M.Pharm Pharmaceutics
  17. M.Pharm Pharmacognosy
  18. M.Pharm Pharmacology
  19. M.Pharm Pharmacy Practice
  20. M.Pharm Quality Assurance
  21. M.S.(Pharm)Pharmacology & Toxicology
  22. M.S.(Pharm.)Pharmaceutical Analysis
  23. M.S.(Pharm.)Pharmaceutics
  24. M.Sc Pharmacology
  25. M.Tech Pharmaceutical Technology
  26. Master in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  27. Master in Pharmacy Quality Assurance
  28. MBA Pharmaceutical Management
  29. PG Diploma Pharmacovigilance (PGDPhV)
  30. Ph.D Pharmaceutical Science
  31. Ph.D Pharmacology
  32. Ph.D Pharmacology & Toxicology
  33. Ph.D Pharmacy
  34. Post Graduate Diploma Pharmacy Practice and Drug Store Management

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Course group details

Degrees offered in this domain include pharmacy, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmaceutical engineering, pharmacology. The basic courses included in the curriculum are chemistry, human biology and physiology, pharmaceutics- how medicines are prepared, and pharmacology- how medicines impact the human body. The curriculum also covers legal and ethical issues in pharmacy and interaction with patients. A candidate taking up a course in pharmacy will become aware of prescriptions, drugs, medication and clinical practice, will be able to design and manufacture medicines, produce pharmacy specific documentation, and analyse medicines.

As a pharmacist you can take up a traditional role of compounding and prescribing medication, or healthcare related clinical service, review medication for safety and provide drug information. There are ample job opportunities in the pharmacy sector and job profiles could be pharmacist, clinical research scientist, pharmacologist, medical sales representative, product development scientist, regulatory affairs officer, toxicologist etc. Hospitals, pharmacy stores, health centers, retail chain, pharmaceutical industries, food and drink companies, government health departments can employ pharmacy graduates. Delve deeper into this domain and decide for yourself if this is the career for you, and surely your decision will be justified.