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Interested in making a career in Information Technology? Wondering about the types of courses available in Information Technology? Here it is. On this page, you will find all the relevant information you are looking for. It includes what Information Technology is about, the types of courses and careers you can choose. Read on to know whether Information Technology interests you.

Information Technology as a career

The term Information Technology encompasses the management and processing of information and related technologies. Information Technology has percolated into everyday life, be it automation in home and in industries, animation in movies, programs which enable online booking or payment, or remote space exploration etc. With the rapid rise in the use of digital technologies and internet, Information Technology is an excellent career choice since it will help you to gain competitive skills required in today’s world. So an IT professional is involved in handling the design, development, support and management of computer hardware, software and networks including internet. Is this an ideal choice for you? The answer depends on your personality traits and skills like programming skills, logical and analytical thinking, team work, emotional stability, work drive, deadline orientation etc. If you enjoy computing, then IT is the career for you.


Information Technology Admission 2019 - 2020 Application Enquiry


Information Technology Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Information Technology courses for 2019 - 2020 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Information Technology course.

  1. A.M.I.E.T.E Information Technology
  2. Advanced Diploma in Cyber Laws
  3. B.B.A IT
  4. B.Com Information Technology
  5. B.E Computer Science and Information Technology
  6. B.E Information Science and Engineering
  7. B.E. Geo Informatics
  8. B.Sc Advanced Information Technology
  9. B.Sc Information Systems Management
  10. B.Sc Multimedia
  11. B.Sc Software Engineering
  12. B.Tech Information and Communication Technology
  13. B.Tech Information Science and Engineering
  14. B.Tech Information Technology
  15. Bachelor in Information Systems Management (BISM)
  16. Bachelor of Information Technology
  17. BE IT
  18. Certification Microsoft Certified Database Administrators
  19. Certification MS-CIT
  20. DOEACC
  21. DOEACC A Level
  22. DOEACC B Level
  23. DOEACC C Level
  24. DOEACC O Level
  25. Integrated Post Graduate (IPG) Course in ICT
  26. M Tech IT
  27. M.B.A Information systems
  28. M.B.A Information Technology
  29. M.E Information Technology
  30. M.E Internet Science and Engineering
  31. M.Sc Business Process Outsourcing
  32. M.Sc Geo-Informatics
  33. M.Sc Information Technology
  34. M.Sc Management Information Systems
  35. M.Sc. Software Engineering
  36. M.Tech Computer Science & Engg. - Information Security
  37. M.Tech Digital Communication and Engineering
  38. M.Tech Information Retrieval
  39. M.Tech Information Systems
  40. M.Tech Information Systems and Management
  41. M.Tech Information Technology
  42. M.Tech Network Security
  43. ME IT
  44. P.G.D. Information Technology
  45. PG Certificate Information & Assistive Technology
  46. PG Diploma
  47. PG Diploma IT Infrastructure, Systems and Security
  48. PG Diploma Multimedia Technology
  49. PG Diploma System Software Development
  50. Ph.D Information Retrieval
  51. Ph.D Information Science & Engineering (IS)
  52. Ph.D Network Security
  53. Post Graduate Diploma Bio-informatics
  54. Post Graduate Diploma Data Science
  55. Post Graduate Diploma Geo-informatics
  56. Post Graduate Diploma Internet Technology
  57. Post Graduate Diploma Medical Informatics
  58. Post-Graduate Diploma in Information Management

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Courses for Information Technology

What are the various courses available in Information Technology domain? You can choose between degree and diploma courses which are full time, part time, distance mode and also online. If you already have a degree in another discipline then you could opt for certificate course in computer hardware, networking, web development, animation, C , C++ , Java or Python programming, database administration, project management, ERP- SAP, Oracle or Peoplesoft, OS like Linux, iOS or Android, Software testing, Cyber security, business intelligence etc. There is a large component of hands on practice, real time scenarios and live projects in the curriculum.

Advantage of Information Technology as a career

Once a candidate completes a course in Information Technology he can take up a job or set up own consultancy. The entry level job profiles include those of software programmer, application programmer, system programmer, software architect, software tester, database administrator, network engineer, system analyst, business analyst, web developer etc. If you are technically sound and perform well, there are ample opportunities for career rise to that of team lead, project manager, technical lead etc.