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Looking to make a career by travelling the high seas? If you have the knack for those monstrous machines criss-crossing mighty oceans or you intend to see the world by landing at every port of call, then a course in marine engineering will lead to a career which will fulfil your dreams and aspirations.


Ever since the first boat made contact with water thousands of years back, man has always endeavoured to travel across oceans and reach lands never explored before. Until the 19th century, ships used to be propelled by wind power. With industrial revolution and the advent of steam engines, ships started getting propelled by engines. With engines the need for marine engineers also took root. It is worthwhile to note that almost 90% of international trade is through maritime. Other than on a ship, a marine engineer also works in establishing and maintaining offshore oil rigs.

Eligibility and course duration

For pursuing a marine engineering course you need to have passed 12th with science. Bachelor’s degree is the minimum qualification required for a career in this field. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree can opt for a master’s. Bachelor’s degree courses last 4 years, whereas for master’s you need 2 years.


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Marine Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Marine courses for 2019 - 2020 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Marine course.

  1. B Tech in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture
  2. B Tech Marine Engineering
  3. B Tech Naval Architecture and Ship Building
  4. B.E Applied Marine Information Tech. & Communication
  5. B.E Electrical and Electronics Engineering(Marine)
  6. B.E Electronics & Communication Engineering (Marine)
  7. B.E Harbour Engineering & Offshore Technology
  8. B.E Marine Engineering
  9. B.E Naval Architecture
  10. B.E Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
  11. B.E Petroleum and off-shore Engineering
  12. B.E. Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
  13. B.S.Marine Engineering
  14. B.Sc Nautical Science
  15. B.Tech Marine Engineering
  16. B.Tech Marine Engineering Management
  17. B.Tech Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
  18. BTech Naval Architecture
  19. Diploma Marine Engineering
  20. Diploma Nautical Science
  21. Diploma Naval Architecture
  22. DMM
  23. Graduate Mechanical Engineering (GME)
  24. M Tech in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture
  25. M.Sc Marine and Coastal Studies
  26. M.Sc Marine Biology
  27. M.Tech. Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
  28. Ph.D Oceanography
  29. PhD Marine Biology

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Marine engineering is not only about ships or moving vessels, but also concerns oil platforms, offshore wind farms and other offshore constructions. It is a combination of mechanical, electrical, electronic engineering and computer science. It concerns design, construction, operation and maintenance of maritime vessels like ships, freighters, oil rigs and drilling equipments. A student is introduced to basics of marine propulsion, fluid dynamics, designing of ships, etc. Those undergoing master’s have to cover advanced topics on materials science, electrical power systems and managing engineering projects.

Job opportunities

A course in marine engineering leads to a variety of career choices. The shipping industry pays lucrative amounts for the services of a marine engineer. It can fetch a job with any of the ship building companies, local or international. The Indian government recruits professionals for working on ships owned by Shipping Corporation of India. One can also get a job of marine surveyor, examining ships, offshore installations for their safety, seaworthiness and maintenance. For enhancing one’s career one can even undergo a MBA course. A lot many positions are there in the managerial level in shipping, oil exploration and in naval architecture. Being a specialised branch of engineering, competition in this field is less and hence job prospects are more. There is always a great demand for the services of a marine engineer both from government and civil agencies, local as well as international. Joining the merchant navy is also a good option.