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Wondering whether to choose a career in Humanities? Looking out for courses and carer options in this field? Then you are on the right page. Here you will find all the essential information you are looking for to decide whether to take up studies in Humanities. It includes the description of this field, the spectrum of courses and the job opportunities available in this field. Choose your course of study plan carefully.

Course group overview

Humanities is a branch of studying human condition concerned with understanding ideals, values and beliefs using analytical, critical or speculative methods. Humanities is also about art, music, philosophy, religion, literature of even languages, human behaviour and relationships among groups. If you like to research, read, write, think on abstract topics, then a career in humanities may interest you. A few other must have traits are intellectual curiosity, open mindedness, and adaptability. Humanities courses involve extensive reading, writing, critical thinking practice. The curriculum may include anthropology, archaeology, archival science, counselling, creative writing, criminology, forensic science, gender studies, history, linguistics, international relations, media, modern languages, philosophy, psychology, political science, social work, sociology etc.

Humanities Courses

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1. B.A Anthropology
2. B.A Folklore
3. B.A. Co-operation
4. B.E Humanities and Sciences
5. B.Sc Psychology
6. Certificate in International Humanitarian Law (CIH
7. Certification Human Rights (CHR)
8. Certification Jainology
9. Certification Women Empowerment and Development
10. Dip. H.R. Management
11. Diploma Human Rights
12. Diploma Ministry
13. M.A Anthropology
14. M.A Human Rights
15. M.A Humanities & Social Science
16. M.A Philosophy and Religion
17. M.A. Human rights & Duties Education
18. M.A. in Women's Studies
19. M.A. Philosophy, Culture and Tourism
20. M.A. Population Studies
21. M.A. Social Welfare Administration
22. M.A. Social Work
23. M.A. Vedanta
24. M.Phil Human Development
25. M.Sc Human Development
26. Master of Arts Women Studies
27. MS Human Services
28. Ph.D Human Services
29. Post Graduate Diploma HR Management

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Course group description

Courses are available in universities, government and private institutes at certificate, diploma, degree, PG and doctoral levels. Candidates studying humanities courses will be able to analyse global ideas, develop questioning skills, comparison, analysis and decision making which are necessary for critical thinking and team work. The candidates also develop empathy, sociability, writing, analyzing and reacting to people.

Humanities is a multidisciplinary field and hence has a large variety of career options because human interaction cannot be computerized or outsourced. Once you complete your studies, your degree and GPA will matter but not more that emotional intelligence, and other skills. So a candidate who has completed any course in humanities can take up a job in arts, social sciences, human services, community leadership or international business for policy, research, or even marketing. A few popular career options for a humanities graduate are in advertising, foreign service, journalism, law, public administration, publishing, counselling and social services. Examples of typical roles are manager, corporate communications, technical writer, editorial director, content strategist, copy writer, freelance writer, proposal writer, novelist, anthropologist etc. Another important career option is administration with roles like administrative assistant, personnel manager, human resources manager, business manager, appraiser etc. To sum up, humanities is a good choice for studies and will definitely provide interesting career options.