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Are you planning to make a career in textiles? Looking out for which courses to study and what job roles are offered? Here it is, on this page you will find what the textile field is all about, and the variety of courses you can choose from. After going through the job opportunities you may find textile a suitable career choice.

Course overview

The textile industry is growing globally and there are many job opportunities to candidates who have studied textile courses. If you have a creative streak and love to combine colors, fabrics and shapes to sketch/ sew your own designs, or track styles going in and out of vogue, then textile must just be the career option for you.
Government and private institutes offer a variety of courses at various levels. You can take up a graduate or a post graduate degree in textile management, textile technology, textile designing. The diploma and post diploma courses include textile management, textile designing, apparel management, home textile management, textile and clothing etc.

Textile Courses

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1. B.Des. Textile Design
2. B.E. Textile Processing
3. B.E. Textile Technology
4. B.Sc. Textile Design
5. B.Tech. Fashion Technology
6. B.Tech. Fibres and Textiles Processing Technology
7. B.Tech. Silk Technology
8. B.Tech. Textile Engineering / Textile Technology
9. B.Text. Bachelor of Textile
10. Certification Computer Aided Textile Design
11. Certification Computer Aided Textiles & Home Fashions
12. Certification Surface Ornamentation on Textiles
13. Certification Textile Development for Fashion (TDF)
14. Dip. Apparel Manufacturing Technology
15. Diploma Textile Chemistry
16. Diploma Textile Design
17. Diploma Textile Designing & CAD
18. Diploma Textile Processing
19. Diploma Textile Technology
20. M.B.A Textile Management
21. M.Sc. Clothing & Textiles
22. M.Sc. Textile Chemistry
23. M.Tech Textile Technology
24. P.G. Certificate in Home Textiles Management
25. P.G. Diploma Textile Management
26. PhD Fibre Technology
27. PhD Textile Technology

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Course group details

Textile courses cover subjects ranging from manufacturing to marketing and also includes textile designing, management of processing and production in textiles, modern textiles, dyeing processes, textile marketing, fabric structures, design, form, color, 3D structuring and shape , history, sociology and economics of clothing and textiles, market research. A few specialized fields in this domain are textile marketing, sales promotion, digital marketing, online sales, textile fabric production, advances in textile production, entrepreneurship, CAD in textiles, textile branding, textile conservation, textile retail management etc.

Once you complete a suitable textile course, you can get an entry level job in textile, apparel or allied industry The entry level jobs are in product development, production, testing, quality control, marketing, sales, merchandising, textile design, dye master, technician, textile fiber analyst, textile conservator, research and development, store manager, retail manager, textile designer, textile technologist, etc. Else you could choose to set up own designs and production and display them in an outlet or participate in exhibitions. A career in textiles is evergreen, and there will always be demand for skilled manpower not only in India but also globally.