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Do you have fun with numbers? Does the simplicity, elegance and aesthetic beauty of mathematical proofs fascinate you to the extent that you are looking forward to establish a career in mathematics? Find here a list of probable courses in math, colleges where you may pursue them and job prospects in this field.


Mathematics has also been referred as queen of science, the force behind all scientific discoveries. It is one skill which needs to be mastered in life. Without math it will be just difficult for us to survive. No science or engineering would have been possible without it. A math course is suitable for all those planning to take it as a career. Mathematics is essential in many fields, like engineering, finance, medicine, natural and social sciences. It’s of two kinds – pure math and applied math. Applied math is based on the application of math in different fields like science, business and engineering. Whereas, pure math has no such applications in general.


Math courses are available at all levels, beginning from undergraduate to postdoctoral. Most universities in the country offer these courses. For undergraduate courses, a pass in class 12th, with math as a subject is necessary. Also needed is a deep interest in the subject.


Math Admission 2019 - 2020 Application Enquiry


Math Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Math courses for 2019 - 2020 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Math course.

  1. B.A Mathematics
  2. B.A. Statistical Methods
  3. B.A. Statistics
  4. B.Sc in Mathematics, Electronics, Computer Science
  5. B.Sc Mathematics
  6. B.Sc Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science
  7. B.Sc Operations Research
  8. B.Sc PMS (Physics, Mathematics, Statistics)
  9. B.Sc. Statistics
  10. B.Tech Mathematics and Computing
  11. Certification Actuarial Science
  12. Certification Vedic Math
  13. M. Phil. Statistics
  14. M.A Mathematics
  15. M.A. Quantitative Analysis & Computer Applications
  16. M.Phil Applied Mathematics
  17. M.Phil. Mathematics
  18. M.Phil. Statistics
  19. M.S. Measurement & Statistics
  20. M.Sc Applied Mathematics
  21. M.Sc Mathematics & Computing
  22. M.Sc Statistics
  23. M.Sc. Statistics
  24. MS Mathematics
  25. PG Diploma in Applied Operations Research
  26. Ph.D Maths
  27. Ph.D Medical Statistics
  28. Ph.D Statistics
  29. Post Graduate Diploma in Statistics

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More about the courses

Mathematics is broadly about the study of quantity, structure, space and change, which are popularly known as arithmetic, algebra, geometry and analysis. Based on them a number of topics form part of the syllabus of the math courses. They are linear algebra, abstract algebra, algebraic topology, analytic geometry, differential & integral calculus, probability & statistics, trigonometry, vector calculus, regression analysis and partial differential equations.

Objective of math education

  1. Learning numeracy skills.
  2. Learning practical mathematics like arithmetic, algebra and geometry to follow a trade.
  3. Learning advanced mathematics to follow a career in science, technology, engineering and math.
  4. Learning heuristics or problem solving techniques

Applications of math

Math has a number of applications in different fields. Math is used in various subjects and fields like topology, statistics, maths education, teaching, mathematical physics, computing, robotics, banking , finance, economics, econometrics, risk management, scientific computing, numerical analysis, number theory and research.

Career in Math

Most of the jobs in this field are available in teaching and research. Most mathematicians are either employed as lecturers and professors in colleges. Opportunities are available for those who are interested in going for higher studies and research. Some of the job titles associated with the field are:
  • Lecturer in mathematical sciences
  • Assistant professor of mathematics
  • Associate professor in algebraic geometry/ topology
  • Postdoctoral researcher
  • Postdoctoral position in computational neuroscience and neuroinformatics
  • Associate professor statistics
  • Research fellow in mathematics