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Ever thought of studying production? Searching for information about the courses and jobs in this field? On this page you find a brief overview about this field, types of courses and career options in this field.

Course overview

Production engineering is a booming career and will be in demand as long as the manufacturing processes are carried out in industries across the world. This discipline is a combination of manufacturing technology and management science. What does a production engineer do? The production engineering graduate focuses on overcoming the challenges in managing the production process in the most efficient and cost effective manner. The production processes encompass machine processing, casting, drilling, metal cutting, forging, joining, die and mould design, and manufacturing of parts of products. This is an interesting discipline to study and a good career option.

Production Courses

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1. B Tech Production
2. B.E Metallurgy
3. B.E. Printing Technology
4. B.E. Production Engineering
5. B.Tech Industrial and Production Engineering
6. B.Tech Production and Industrial Engineering
7. B.Tech Production Engineering
8. BE Production
9. Certification Bee Keeping
10. Certification Binding and Finishing
11. Certification Book Binder
12. Certification Machinist
13. D.P.A. Diploma Print Administration
14. Diploma Fruit Production
15. Diploma Production Engineering
16. Diploma Sugar Technology
17. M Tech Production
18. M.B.A Production and Operations Management
19. M.B.A Production management
20. M.E Manufacturing Systems Management
21. M.Sc Animal Production Management
22. ME Production
23. Post Graduate Diploma Media management & TV production

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What does one study in production engineering? It is concerned with development, improvement, implementation and evaluation of integrated systems comprising of people, machines, money, energy, equipment, material, knowledge, information and processes. The engineer is involved in making enhanced or innovative processes and prototypes to run business successfully and make profits. Colleges and institutes offer degree courses at bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. Polytechnics offer diploma programs in production. Studies in Production equip the graduate with technical, analytical and managerial skills to manage time, labour, and resources and run the industry profitably.

You may wonder what types of job would a production graduate get? The graduate can take up employment in public/ government sector in Government departments, armed forces, defence, railways, utilities, PSUs etc. or private industries or automation units in automobile companies, manufacturing industries, food processing, space and research labs, food processing industries. A few examples of job roles in this sector are production engineer, quality engineer, operations analyst, quality control technician, plant engineer, process engineer, operations analyst, ergonomist etc.

If the above information kindles your interest then you may find production domain a good career choice.