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Are you thinking of making a career in Fine arts? Searching for the essential information, which can be of use to take this decision? Then here it is, the information you are hunting for. Go through the course group overview and the details including types of degrees, types of courses and the career options in this domain.

Course overview

Fine arts, as the term suggests is a visual art form and has evolved for its aesthetic and intellectual value. The main forms of fine arts are painting, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry and performing arts-theatre and dance. Fine arts is quite different from applied arts. If you are an arts freak, have a creative aptitude, want to become an artist and can work independently then fine arts studies is an excellent choice. Fine arts also include design, interior design, pottery, types of music, forms of dance, drama, etc. Forms of art vary across geography and across countries. Art forms vary depending on the culture of the country. As an example: you can check out online the large number of museums located on Paris- France and in Amsterdam- Netherlands. People from across the globe flock in such museums and appreciate these various forms of art. Often a few of them fall in love with these arts and opt for studies in fine arts.


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Fine Arts Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Fine Arts courses for 2019 - 2020 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Fine Arts course.

  1. B.A Drawing & Painting
  2. B.A Fine Arts
  3. B.A Painting
  4. B.F.A Dance
  5. Bachelor of Dance
  6. Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)
  7. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography (BFA)
  8. Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A)
  9. BFA Applied Arts
  10. Certification Craft and Design Pottery CCDP
  11. Certification Engraver
  12. Certification Performing and Visual Arts
  13. Dip. Graphic and Multimedia
  14. Dip. Jewellery manufacturing
  15. Diploma Art for Drawing Teachers
  16. Diploma in Advanced Computer Arts
  17. Diploma in Film Acting (DFA)
  18. Diploma Visual Arts & Communications
  19. M.A Applied Art
  20. M.A Drama
  21. M.A Lalit Kala
  22. M.A Painting, Sculpture, Applied Arts
  23. M.A. History of Fine Arts
  24. M.A. Theatre Arts
  25. M.Phil Drawing and Painting
  26. M.Phil Folk Arts
  27. M.Phil Theatre Arts
  28. MA Painting
  29. Master of Visual Arts (M.V.A)
  30. Ph.D Painting
  31. Ph.D Sculpture
  32. PhD Screenplay Writing
  33. Post Graduate Diploma Museology

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Course group details

Degrees are offered at UG, PG, diploma and certificates levels in areas of visual arts, painting, textile design, architecture, music, literature, dance, conceptual art, etc. The courses are offered in part time and full time mode and are taught with theory, practical and may even include a portfolio submission. You can also opt for practice based short-term courses in painting, photography, calligraphy, forms of dance, types of music etc. Along with the foundations, creative skills, develop own ideas, and acquiring talent, students also learn the basics of collaborating, selling, promoting, taking up constructive criticism, observation and analytical skills, and supporting art and displaying / exhibiting.

A fine arts graduate can take up basic level roles in art studios, museum, art galleries, advertising companies, animation, magazines and newspaper, television, publishing industry, marketing media, animation, dance studio, fashion houses, clothing industry, textile designing, film and theatre production. Various job roles in fine arts include that of an artist, illustrator, art critic, design trainer, art trainer, museum or gallery curator, art therapist, gallery manager, exhibition officer, multimedia programmer etc. The artist or craftsman could set up your own business or consultancy and freelance by selling artwork if it is really outstanding.