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Do you desire to work in the entertainment industry? Wondering which course to join? Then here it is. On this page you will find the required information about the what this industry is all about, the courses and job opportunities in this domain. Read on and decide whether to opt for studies in entertainment.

Course overview

Are you interested in the exciting, creative and glamorous world of entertainment? You can choose from a spectrum of areas where you find entertainers in existence like theatre, television, films, comedy clubs, print, radio, music, media etc. If you are planning to become any one of the following: stand up comedian, disc jockey, acting, dancer, choreographer, musician or a singer, then entertainment is the right career choice. Now you may wonder what skills and aptitude are required in this career? As an aspiring entertainer you need a natural talent like singing, dancing or acting and also be willing to perfect this talent over time. Even though a formal degree may not be required, but most professionals in this industry have a graduate degree and some training in the specific field of entertainment. So, check out if this is the right choice for you.


Entertainment Admission 2019 - 2020 Application Enquiry


Entertainment Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Entertainment courses for 2019 - 2020 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Entertainment course.

  1. Advance Dipl.inTVDirectionScriptwriting&Production
  2. B.A. Performance Arts
  3. B.A. Theatre Arts
  4. B.Sc Electronic Media
  5. B.Sc MCAJ + Cinema
  6. B.Sc Multimedia Production
  7. Bachelor of Film Technology
  8. Certification Anchoring & News Production
  9. Certification Videography
  10. Diploma Broadcast Journalism and TV Production
  11. Diploma Camera and Lighting techniques
  12. Diploma Digital Media Production
  13. Diploma in 2D & 3D Animation
  14. Diploma Multimedia
  15. Diploma Multimedia Production
  16. Diploma Post production
  17. Diploma Television & Video Production
  18. M.A Drama
  19. M.B.A Media Management
  20. M.E Multimedia Technology
  21. M.Sc MCAJ + Electronic Media (Radio & TV)
  22. M.Sc Multimedia
  23. M.Sc Multimedia & Visual Communication
  24. PG Diploma in Animation Film Design
  25. PG Diploma in Film, Television & Video Production
  26. Ph.D Media and Mass Communication
  27. PhD Screenplay Writing
  28. Post Graduate Diploma Broadcasting and Journalism
  29. Post Graduate Diploma Film and TV production
  30. Post Graduate Diploma in Audio Engineering
  31. Post Graduate Diploma Theatre Arts

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Course group details

Government and private colleges offer degree- bachelor’s and master’s, diploma and certificate courses in the entertainment sector. You can choose from this bundle of entertainment courses: theatre-directing, theatre-acting, theatre-production, theatre-distribution, technical theatre, 3D animation, entertainment law, entertainment financing, entertainment and media, entertainment management, motion picture art.

What are the career options after doing an entertainment course? This sector can be categorized into acting- films, Television, series, plays; direction- feature, documentary and ad films, television films, series and plays; choreography-films, musicals and fashion shows; music-management, producer; art direction- films, theatre and ads; multimedia artists and animators. There are job opportunities in theatres, television channels, film production, web production companies, advertising agencies, production houses for visual entertainment, musical arts, performing arts etc. The entry-level job comprises of assisting senior professionals in the entertainment industry.

You have a variety of job profiles in this sector in the entertainment platter: artist, actor, musician, casting director, TV or film producer, music producer, artist manager, artist relations manager, choreographer, director, entertainment manager, wedding planner, event coordinator, multimedia, animation, talent management, entertainment account manager, lighting, cruise entertainment, digital entertainment, opera manager, casino manager, ballet manager, orchestra, casting director, modelling, TV host, stage manager, vocalist, performing arts director, theatre operations, wardrobe manager, hair/ makeup/ cosmetologist etc. The field is highly competitive but if you have the will and the passion, then go ahead straight and jump into this field.