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Logistics is a very important aspect of business. It helps the manufacturers to supply their products to their customers in time and meet their expectations. Transport and logistics ensures that the supply chain from obtaining raw material to delivering finished goods to the customers is never broken. With the rise of e-commerce in India, transport industry is also looking on the rise.


This course imparts detailed knowledge on the working of transportation industry. The students learn about things like inventory cost, cost reduction and global chain supply keeping in focus the overall profit of the business. There are also courses on transportation regulations and distribution channels. There are also specialized subject areas like warehousing or operations.


The duration is generally 2 years. It is generally offered as a full time post-graduate management degree.


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Transport Courses

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  1. Certificate in Rural Development (CRD)
  2. Certification Crane Operator
  3. M.E Transportation Engineering
  4. M.Tech Transportation systems engineering
  5. Post Graduate Diploma Safe Transportation

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Eligibility Criteria

Graduate in any stream.
Diploma holders with minimum 5 years of experience are also eligible. Final year students can also apply.

Job Scope

There are numerous scopes in logistics and transportation industry starting from the entry level. There are ample opportunities with consulting firms, government agencies, manufacturing companies and e-commerce business. The degree holders can obtain jobs in manufacturing, transportation analysis, buying and selling.
This course is the foundation course and one can take advanced degrees in this field to better his job prospects. After completing PhD, one can take teaching job, publish papers and research documents.
Career development like promotion into general manager roles of larger units or specialized units is possible.

The type of roles that one can take is as follows:-
Warehouse Manager
Supply Chain Analyst
Inventory Manager
Sales Specialist
Transportation Manager
Logistics System Analysts


For sustaining in this field, the candidate should be tact, exhibit diplomacy and calmness especially when dealing with disgruntled customers. Should have good numeral skills with sound knowledge of geography. Must possess a lot of patience and coordination skills. Should have financial acumen and great communication and negotiation skills. Should be adept to take decisions in crucial situations.

Travelling is expected though not always. Have to cope with odd working hours which can stretch during weekends or festive season. The job is mainly in cities and towns.