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Master of Technology (M.Tech) Course Admissions 2018 - 2019 Academic Year

Master of Technology or M.Tech is a post graduate degree for engineers. Pursuing an M.Tech can lead to deep understanding of technical concepts as well as improving your chances in the job market. In this section of describes more about the scope and traits of an M.Tech post graduate degree.
The most popular course among science students is B.Tech. The master’s level counterpart of B.Tech is Master of Technolgy (M.Tech) and is one of the most favourite higher study options among the B.Tech graduates. Pursuing M.Tech after B.Tech is a good choice for those who are looking forth to add value to the knowledge they have earned in their B.Tech. The value that M.Tech adds to a student’s career is in the form of advanced knowledge in a specialized field and this has a number of benefits. Courses such as B.Tech and M.Tech are technical in nature and although B.Tech is a professional course and corporations do entertain B.Tech graduates, but would on any day prefer an M.Tech postgraduate over an undergraduate student. The advanced knowledge of concepts pertaining to a specialized field which a student gains during M.Tech opens many doors for him. M.Tech provides more exposure to the application of engineering and a student gets more and better insight into the subjects which are introduced to him at the undergrad level. This course gives detailed knowledge and information in a particular field. For those who cannot sustain themselves to complete a M.Tech degree, there are a number of distance education programs and courses such as the 5 year integrated MBA.

Duration of M.Tech Courses - M.Tech, being a postgraduate program is shorter in duration when compared to its undergraduate counterpart. The usual duration of the course is two years. However, as already mentioned, there are 5 year integrated M.Tech courses which will save a student valuable academic year.

Eligibility for M.Tech Courses - Different engineering colleges have different eligibility criteria for taking admission of students in the M.Tech program. Indian Institute of Delhi (IIT) Delhi, for instance, requires that a student willing to get enrolled in an M.Tech program with IIT Delhi must have either a B.Tech, B.E., M.Sc. equivalent degree and at least 75% marks or 8.5 CGPA on a 10-point scale to get admission without having to take a test or face an interview. For those, who have 60% marks or 6.75 CGPA need to take a test or face an interview. Also, the student needs to have cleared GATE with a score of 300 or above marks or qualifying score, whichever is higher. Other universities have a requirement that the candidate must have minimum 55% marks in average in their undergrad courses. For instance, BIT Mesra requires an M.Tech candidate to hold a B.E., B.Tech or equivalent degree in the appropriate discipline along with a minimum of 55% marks in graduation. Sometimes, candidates appearing in final examinations of their Bachelor programmes are also allowed to apply for M.Tech program provisionally.

Cost of Study for M.Tech Courses - This course can be a very affordable course if one pursues it from an IIT. For instance, the semester fee for M.Tech at IIT Madras is just a little over ten thousand bucks. Similarly, the fee for general candidates at IIT Kharagpur for M.Tech course is about twenty thousand for the first semester and just a little over nine thousand for subsequent semesters. However, the price of this course can go really high if one is to pursue it from private universities. For instance, the overall price of the entire course at Amrita University is close to five lakh rupees which in our opinion, is a lot. Clearly, the price of the course depends on which institution you’re pursuing it from. It can be less than ten thousand as well as at the same time, more than five lakhs too.

Admission Procedure for M.Tech Courses - Those willing to take admission in an M.Tech programme need to satisfy the minimum eligibility requirements. A lot of colleges take admission of students in the M.Tech programme based on the marks they scored in their graudation. However, if one is willing to get into the famed IITs or NITs, for pursuing an M.Tech, they will have to take the GATE test. GATE or Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is a national level exam conducted in eight zones across the country. In this exam, the candidate can apply for one out of twenty three papers. GATE tests the aptitude of the candidate by asking him MCQs and numerical questions. GATE scores are considered by IITs and NITs for admission into the MTech program. Also, many Public Sector Enterprises recruit graduates on the basis of GATE scores. Some of such organizations are NTPC, BHEL, IOCL etc.

Career Prospects for M.Tech Courses - Getting an M.Tech degree can translated into better salaries or pay packages. M.Tech graduates are often hired as technologists and researchers as while doing an MTech course, students are required to do a lot of research as well. MTech degree holders have a number of opportunities in the corporate sectors both in consulting as well as research based organizations. Another option available for the person is to join the teaching profession. Students can also go ahead and invest their time in much valued research.

Higher Study Opportunities in M.Tech Courses - Candidates with an M.Tech degree can choose to go for earning a Ph.D. in engineering and technology and truly, become a doctor in the subject.
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1.  M.Tech Aerospace Engineering
2.  M.Tech Avionics
3.  M.Tech. Aeronautical Engineering
4.  M.E. Farm Machinery & Power Engineering
5.  M.Tech Agricultural Eng Process & Food Engineering
6.  Master in Arch. Digital Media
7.  M.Tech Biotechnology
8.  M.Tech Chemical engineering
9.  M.E Internal Combustion Engineering
10.  M.E. Building Sciences and Technology
11.  M.Tech Building Automation
12.  M.Tech Civil Engineering
13.  M.Tech Construction Engineering and Management
14.  M.Tech Geological Technology
15.  M.Tech Highway Engineering
16.  M.Tech Remote Sensing
17.  M.Tech Remote Sensing & Wireless Sensor Networks
18.  M.Tech Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System
19.  M.Tech Communication Systems
20.  M.Tech Digital Communication and Network
21.  M.Tech Telecommunication Engineering
22.  M.Tech Wireless Communication
23.  M.Tech Artificial Intelligence
24.  M.Tech Computer and Information Science
25.  M.Tech Computer Application
26.  M.Tech Computer Integrated Manufacturing
27.  M.Tech Computer Network Engineering
28.  M.Tech Computer Networks & Information Security
29.  M.Tech Computer Science
30.  M.Tech Computer Science & Engg. - Information Security
31.  M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering
32.  M.Tech Computer Science & Technology
33.  M.Tech Data Mining
34.  M.Tech Network Security
35.  M.Tech Software Engineering
36.  M.Tech Water Resources Engineering and Management
37.  M.Tech Control Systems
38.  M.Tech Dairy Technology
39.  M.Tech Design Engineering
40.  M.Tech Product Design and Manufacture
41.  Master of Industrial Design
42.  M.E Power Systems
43.  M.E. System Engineering
44.  M.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engineering
45.  M.Tech Electrical Engineering
46.  M.Tech Power Electronics
47.  M.Tech Power Systems
48.  M.Tech Applied Electronics and Instrumentation
49.  M.Tech Digital Electronics
50.  M.Tech Electrical Power System
51.  M.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering
52.  M.Tech Electronics Engineering
53.  M.Tech Embedded Systems
54.  M.Tech Laser and Electro Optical Engineering
55.  M.Tech Micro Electronics & Control Systems
56.  M.Tech Opto-Electronics and Laser Technology
57.  M.Tech VLSI system design
58.  M.E Renewable Energy Sources
59.  M.Tech Renewable Energy
60.  M.Tech Thermal Power Engineering
61.  M.Tech Environmental Engineering
62.  M.Tech Food Technology
63.  M.Tech Food Technology - Food Chain Management
64.  M.Tech Food Technology - Food Laws and Policies
65.  M.Tech Food Technology - Food Process Engineering
66.  M.Tech Food Technology - Food Quality Management
67.  M.Tech Food Technology (Food Safety & Standards)
68.  M.Tech Advance Communication System
69.  M.Tech Advanced Computing
70.  M.Tech Agricultural Engineering (Irrigation & Drainage En
71.  M.Tech Agricultural Engineering (Renewable Energy)
72.  M.Tech Agricultural Engineering (Soil Water Conservation
73.  M.Tech Agricultural Engineering Farm Machinery&Power Engg
74.  M.Tech Agricultural Water Management
75.  M.Tech Applied Geology
76.  M.Tech Applied Geophysics
77.  M.Tech Automotive Engineering
78.  M.Tech Bio-chemical Engineering
79.  M.Tech Bioinformatics
80.  M.Tech Biomedical Engineering
81.  M.Tech Bio-Medical Signal Processing & IT
82.  M.Tech Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology
83.  M.Tech Clean Coal & Energy Technology
84.  M.Tech Computational Engineering & Networking
85.  M.Tech Computational Mechanics
86.  M.Tech Computer Aided Structural Engineering
87.  M.Tech Computer and Communication
88.  M.Tech Computer Vision & Image Processing
89.  M.Tech Construction Management
90.  M.Tech Construction Technology
91.  M.Tech Cyber Security
92.  M.Tech Digital & Wireless Communication Engineerin
93.  M.Tech Digital Electronics and Communication Systems(DECS
94.  M.Tech Drilling Engineering
95.  M.Tech Electrical machines
96.  M.Tech Electronic Instrumentation & Control
97.  M.Tech Energy & Environmental Engineering
98.  M.Tech Energy Systems engineering
99.  M.Tech Engineering Design
100.  M.Tech Engineering Geology
101.  M.Tech Fuel Engineering
102.  M.Tech Future Studies and Planning
103.  M.Tech Geophysical Technology
104.  M.Tech Geotechnical Engineering
105.  M.Tech Guidance and Navigation Controll
106.  M.Tech High Voltage Engineering
107.  M.Tech Hydraulics Engineering
108.  M.Tech Hydrology and Water Resources
109.  M.Tech Image Processing
110.  M.Tech Industrial Engineering & Management
111.  M.Tech Information and Communication Technology
112.  M.Tech Information Security
113.  M.Tech Integrated Design & Manufacturing
114.  M.Tech Irrigation Engineering
115.  M.Tech Leather Technology
116.  M.Tech Longwall & Mine Mechanisation
117.  M.Tech M.FTech. (Master of Fashion Technology)
118.  M.Tech Machine Design
119.  M.Tech Marine Engineering Management
120.  M.Tech Medical Electronics
121.  M.Tech Medical Nanotechnology
122.  M.Tech Microwave & Millimeter waves
123.  M.Tech Microwave and TV
124.  M.Tech Mineral Engineering
125.  M.Tech Mining Engineering
126.  M.Tech Mining Machinery Engineering
127.  M.Tech Nanoelectronics
128.  M.Tech Nanomedical Sciences
129.  M.Tech Nanotechnology
130.  M.Tech Neural Networks
131.  M.Tech Nuclear Engineering
132.  M.Tech Nuclear Science and Technology
133.  M.Tech Open Cast Mining
134.  M.Tech Petroleum Engineering
135.  M.Tech Petroleum Exploration
136.  M.Tech Petroleum Geology
137.  M.Tech Petroleum Technology
138.  M.Tech Pipeline Engineering
139.  M.Tech Polymer Technology
140.  M.Tech Production & Industrial Engineering
141.  M.Tech Production & Industrial Engineering (Mechanical)
142.  M.Tech Propulsion Engineering
143.  M.Tech Real Time Systems
144.  M.Tech Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
145.  M.Tech RF and Microwave Communications
146.  M.Tech Rock Excavation Engineering
147.  M.Tech Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
148.  M.Tech Stress & Vibration Analysis of Machinery
149.  M.Tech Structural Engineering
150.  M.Tech Systems Management
151.  M.Tech Thermal Engineering
152.  M.Tech Thermal Power Engineering
153.  M.Tech Thermal Science
154.  M.Tech Thermal System Design
155.  M.Tech Tool Engineering
156.  M.Tech Traffic and Transportation
157.  M.Tech Urban Engineering
158.  M.Tech VLSI Design
159.  M.Tech Web Technologies
160.  M.Tech Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications
161.  M.Tech. in Industrial Electronics
162.  Master of Plan Housing with Regional Planning
163.  M.Tech Genetic Engineering
164.  M.Tech Industrial Biotechnology
165.  M.Tech Industrial Engineering
166.  M.Tech Industrial Process Equipment Design
167.  M.Tech Industrial Tribology and Maintenance Engg.
168.  Integrated Post Graduate (IPG) Course in ICT
169.  M.E Internet Science and Engineering
170.  M.Tech Digital Communication and Engineering
171.  M.Tech Information Retrieval
172.  M.Tech Information Systems
173.  M.Tech Information Systems and Management
174.  M.Tech Information Technology
175.  M.Tech Instrumentation and Control Engineering
176.  M.Tech Process Control and Instrumentation
177.  M.Tech Advanced Manufacturing
178.  M.Tech Computer Aided Manufacturing
179.  M.Tech Manufacturing Systems Engineering
180.  M.Tech. Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
181.  M.Tech CAD / CAM
182.  M.Tech Fluids & Thermal Engineering
183.  M.Tech Mechanical Engineering
184.  M.Tech Mechatronics
185.  M.Tech. Turbo machines
186.  M.E. Mine Planning
187.  M.Tech Applied Geophysics
188.  M.Tech Bio Mineral Processing
189.  M.Tech Mine Planning & Design
190.  M.Tech Mineral Exploration
191.  M.Tech Mineral Processing
192.  M.Tech Petroleum Refinery Engineering
193.  M.Tech Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Engineering
194.  M.Tech Pharmaceutical Technology
195.  M.Tech Production Engineering
196.  M.Tech Production Management
197.  M.Tech Textile Technology
198.  PhD Textile Technology
199.  M.Tech Transportation Engineering
200.  M.Tech Transportation systems engineering