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In addition to the revenue offered through the Google AdSense revenue sharing program, we offer several gifts and cash awards to
active members who post valuable content to this site.

Cash awards will be accummulated and will be paid to you in the form of demand draft or bank transfer when it reaches the minimum pay out amount.

If your earnings are less Rs 50, it may not appear here.

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Member NameNumber of GiftsCash CreditsPaymentsBalance
Vandana367Rs 144895.6Rs 144450Rs 445.6
Kalyani249Rs 45632.85Rs 44200Rs 1432.85
N K Ravishankar201Rs 177861.95Rs 174400Rs 3461.95
Nidhi189Rs 49459.1Rs 49250Rs 209.1
M. K.181Rs 70214Rs 70100Rs 114
Hafeezur Rahman P170Rs 42498.75Rs 42300Rs 198.75
Nitin169Rs 93134.55Rs 92450Rs 684.55
Pramod166Rs 202765Rs 202700Rs 65
Venkiteswaran166Rs 33169Rs 33000Rs 169
Sun162Rs 28102Rs 27600Rs 502
K Mohan162Rs 51134Rs 50900Rs 234
Jebaprincy154Rs 48644Rs 48500Rs 144
Padmini134Rs 31168.3Rs 31150Rs 18.3
Ramprasad126Rs 35183Rs 34600Rs 583
AT122Rs 156369.15Rs 156300Rs 69.15
Ramakrishna Kambhampati119Rs 27098Rs 26900Rs 198
Akanksha P.V117Rs 24868.75Rs 24500Rs 368.75
Juana116Rs 54194Rs 52500Rs 1694
Dr.Sanjeev(Sandy)115Rs 107717Rs 108350Rs -633
Madhvee Chaubey113Rs 31075.25Rs 31000Rs 75.25
Saji Ganesh112Rs 11822.6Rs 11350Rs 472.6
Jagdish Patro108Rs 26608Rs 26100Rs 508
Runa N Borah108Rs 15024.5Rs 14900Rs 124.5
M.A. Vimala107Rs 33700Rs 33200Rs 500
Sukhdev Singh107Rs 27555Rs 27400Rs 155
Pramod Dabholkar106Rs 36071.9Rs 36000Rs 71.9
Dhruv104Rs 48541.85Rs 48500Rs 41.85
Saroja97Rs 14047Rs 13900Rs 147
Chaitali Ray Chaudhuri (Datta)97Rs 18982.05Rs 18400Rs 582.05
Joyshree93Rs 23786Rs 23000Rs 786
Nadheera V92Rs 15608Rs 15600Rs 8
Gypsy91Rs 47972Rs 47700Rs 272
Mahesh88Rs 50372Rs 49500Rs 872
Partha Kansabanik87Rs 21111Rs 20400Rs 711
Nilesh86Rs 20263Rs 19800Rs 463
Chitra Rana Raghav85Rs 10994.25Rs 10700Rs 294.25
Phagu Mahato84Rs 36032.25Rs 35600Rs 432.25
Kailash Kumar83Rs 32897.8Rs 32900Rs -2.2
Mandeep82Rs 10197.6Rs 9900Rs 297.6
Ashish Kumar82Rs 56323Rs 54600Rs 1723
Rani80Rs 20894.7Rs 20400Rs 494.7
sobha wilson79Rs 23590Rs 23500Rs 90
Suman Sahu74Rs 22346Rs 22100Rs 246
Kumaraditya Sarkar71Rs 15656Rs 15650Rs 6
Sudarmani70Rs 3711.25Rs 3550Rs 161.25
Ankush Das68Rs 22295Rs 22100Rs 195
Bhakti Savla66Rs 14267Rs 13950Rs 317
Gyandeep Kaushal65Rs 21140Rs 21100Rs 40
Farid Akhtar65Rs 11275.5Rs 11200Rs 75.5
Seema Shah64Rs 21720.5Rs 21500Rs 220.5

Total Cash Credits: Rs 2,189,990.00

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