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    Benefits of Dudhi

    I heard that Dudhi-bhopala aka lauki is good for heart. Can anybody explain the ayurvedic traits of this vegetable?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Dudhi has a very low fat content and has high levels of water and fibre. This is what makes it a must for everyone wanting to loose weight. It can rightly be called as a wonder vegetable !Some of its amazing health benefits are -
    It helps in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Its juice is extremely beneficial in lowering high blood pressure.
    It has a very good cooling effect because of its high water content. Dudhi juice mixed with coconut oil can be massaged on the scalp for relieving head aches
    Consumption of dudhi juice helps in urinary infections
    It is also beneficial in acidity, indigestion etc

    It should become a regular part of our daily diet. Baba Ramdev has been propagating its benefits and encouraging everyone to eat dudhi.

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