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Fee refund after withdrawal of admission

Date: 03 Feb 2010   Group: Lawyers    Category: Indian Law   

I got admission in a college in mca through counseling of uttar pradesh technical university but college level was not according to my expectation so i had withdraw from that college after attending the class there for 4 days.the college retained my original documents at the time of admission for three years till the completion of coarse. I want to take admission in other better college but college did not return my original documents at that time when they were required they return them very late when time was over for admission in another college then i have submitted the application in college for three times for fee refund but college officials is replying that there is no rule for fee refund after taking current year has been wasted now & i am totally depressed with this incident.what should i do in that situation for fee refund?

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Author: Krishnadas    05 Feb 2010      Member Level: Gold     Points : 2    Voting Score: 0

Dear Amit,

You have chosen a college through the Counseling. You should have verified the credentials before opting for admission through counseling. The Admission fee could be forfeited by the college subject to the rules of admission. However the college is not right in withholding your Original Marks card.

Author: SUBRAMANIAN,P.R.    13 Feb 2010      Member Level: Gold     Points : 2    Voting Score: 0

Dear Amit ,
There is no merit in your case - i can only pity you for not ascertaining the credentials of the college .The question of reimbursing the fees after discontinuing the studies did not arise even in those days, when educational institutions were service oriented . But now education has become a pucca business and the educational institutions are run mainly on commercial basis to make quick money .In Tamilnadu , many institutions are run by Politicians who do not have any educational background . What is their interest in promoting education - nil. Education is one of the promising fields in which you can boldly invest for assured returns in a short time .Be happy that the authorities returned the original documents . Do not worry about money - try to get admission in a better institution and make good the time lost in fighting with the previous institution.

Author: Virendra Mishra    13 Feb 2010      Member Level: Gold     Points : 2    Voting Score: 0

Hello! Amit,

You have got the admission in that college and for that purpose you have paid the fee which is not refundable. I hope, you would be aware about that.

College was not up to your expectation and that’s why you decided to discontinue. As per norms if they have allotted the seat for you with your consent then you have bounded to pay the entire fee even they can also ask for onward remaining years so.

As per the norms you have to pay the full amount of fee for course and no choice.

At the most you can request to them to release your documents and forgot the fee because if you go legally then what are damages due to your admission that will high and at that stage you are bounded to pay the entire damages.

In my opinion you have settle the case with management of that college.


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